[Important]Notice of Shutdown of Romance Comics

Thank you for supporting "Romance Comics".
We regret to inform you all that "Romance Comics" will be shut down on 28th, March 2022(PST)
We really appreciate your support for the past years.

1. Regarding availability of comics and points on Romance Comics, please refer to the following schedule.

※For users who keep subscribing to Harlequin Monthly Course until January,2022(PST), we will cancel your subscription by the end of January,2022(PST).
You are still able to read the books in purchased courses until the end of January,2022(PST) after the cancellation. Harlequin Monthly Course. The billing will be automatically terminated, so you do not need to make any action.

2. Regarding availability of purchased comics (membership period) after 28th, March 2022(PST).
For users who purchased the following comics (membership period) on "Romance Comics",
you can continue to read the purchased comics on another eBook platform "MANGA.CLUB"operated by TORICO Co.,Ltd.
Then, in order to make users available to read the comics already purchased on "Romance Comics", please follow the designated procedure and register for membership on "MANGA.CLUB" with the same E-mail address you used for membership on Romance Comics.

* Your E-mail address have to be the same E-mail address you have already registered in Romance Comics Site.
* Your re-registration action have to be made from 1st May 2022, to 31th May 2022
* you need to allow SBCr to share your registered, applicable E-mail address along with your purchase records, with TORICO Co.,Ltd., in order to make you possible to read the content(s) already purchased, in "MANGA.CLUB".)

Start the procedure

After you properly register on "MANGA.CLUB", you can continue to read the comics as follows and you already purchased on "Romance Comics" from mid of June, 2022(PDT). Until that day, you can read the applicable comics on "Romance Comics".

* Harlequin Comics
English Version(Including Bundles, With Bonus Episode Version)
※Titles included in bundles will be provided separately on "MANGA.CLUB".
Indonesia Version
Japanese Version
French Version
Chinese Simplified Version
Chinese Traditional Version
Vietnamese Version
Spanish Version
Thai Version
Korean Version
Malaysian Version
German Version
Italian Version
Tagalog Version

* BookLive Comics

* Kodansha Comics
Purchasers of Kodansha titles who have any questions, please contact Kodansha Comics at hello@kodanshacomics.com

* Other Publishers' Comics
We will keep you informed on further update.

※Please note that points you obtained on "Romance Comics" can NOT be usable on "MANGA.CLUB", so please use your points on "Romance Comics" by 24th March, 2022(PST).