Doukakis's Apprentice

Romance Doukakis's Apprentice

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Doukakis's Apprentice

The advertisement agency started by Polly’s father has been bought out by Damon Doukakis. Why would the leader of such a large corporation choose this tiny company as his target? The workers are baffled, but Polly knows exactly why: Damon is trying to punish Polly’s father for eloping with his sister, Arianna. Damon declares he will fire all of the executives, and also warns Polly that she will no longer have nepotism on her side. Damon’s arrogance and Polly’s determination to protect her company pit them against each other—but one night, sparks of passion end up leading to intimacy.

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A above average 3  3

Sarah Morgan is a British writer of more than eighty romance novels and mainstream women's fiction from 2000. Morgan was a nurse before she started writing after the birth of her first son.] She lives with her husband and two sons near London. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her professional background as a nurse is also reflected in her doctoral romances. Her specialty is contemporary romances, told in a humorous and sensual way. Many of her romances, such as the From Manhattan with love series, are based in New York City Morgan's favorite city. Her books were translated in several languages and sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. She is a Sunday Times and USA Today bestselling author Notable awardsRITA Award (2012, 2013, 2017, 2019), RT Reviewers Choice Award (2012) the heroine of particular story is quite strong

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A true heroine 4  4

The story started with the hero's hatred toward the heroine's father for eloping with the hero's sister, and his prejudice against the heroine. He thought the heroine finished her work by her look, not by her ability. The heroine didn't argue with the hero but proved herself by her hardworking. Overall, I enjoyed reading the story. The only part I feel hard to chew on was that the hero's sister married to the heroine's father. The age gap was at least 20 years!!

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Awkward family tree 4  4

so the heroine's father eloped with the hero's sister and so the hero bought the father's company to punish. and who has to handle the consequences: of course the heroine. but the relationship was quite cute and the hero wasn't a complete jerk so it's okay. would read it again!!!!

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It was okay. 2  2

The hero and heroine don't have the relationship because the hero blames the heroine for getting his sister kicked out of the private school for inviting a bunch of boys over to their dorm room. Now, the heroine is suddenly given the position of CEO when her irresponsible, playboy of a father runs off with the hero's sister throws it at her because she's mature and can handle it. This is the same man who neglected the heroine to play hanky panky with younger women, didn't go to her school when she was being expelled, didn't come running when the hero has her being hospitalized advertised everywhere, and didn't realize the negative impact of his absence put on her. The hero when facing the father towards the end of the book, hit the nail on the head when the father says the heroine is mature and responsible and the hero comes back with,"She's mature because you've never been there for her,". In fact, there is no mention in the end that the father ever apologized for his treatment to her. Now, the hero has gotten the heroine's company and goes to change it to his standards of a monotone environment, which clashes with the heroine's homely company. The hero's impression of the heroine is that of a spoiled princess but it quickly changes when he sees the presentation she's worked and how she's the hidden jewel of talent in the company. After a hot night together, the hero learns the heroine was a virgin and the whole boys things was a ploy for the heroine and sister to get expelled from school The reason was they were both getting bullied by the other girls and couldn't take it any longer. The hero seem to be on the first step of the relationship till the father comes barging in and acting like he cares. A fight breaks out and the heroine takes the father's word over the hero and leaves. Then she hears how the friend/ stepmother now talks badly about the hero's behavior to the friend and she scolds her for not thinking of the hero's feelings and how she's jealous of the fact the friend had someone to look out for her. This was the perfect moment for the heroine to rip the father for his neglectful behavior but she runs out. Then the heroine goes to the hero's company to see that it's matching the environment as the heroine's company. The two meet, confess their feelings, and kiss. The thing is what I wanted more out of this story than the heroine and hero telling they love each is the father apologizing to the heroine.

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