Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand

Romance Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand

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Wife By Contract, Mistress By Demand

Gabriella fell in love with her stepbrother, Rufus, on the day her mother remarried. However, her love for him was shot down by Rufus’s words: “Don’t try to seduce me for my money.” Since then, hatred has flared between the two. Five years later, Gabriella’s stepfather has passed away, leaving behind a strange will. Gabriella and Rufus are to live together for six months as husband and wife in order to inherit the fortune! Gabriella will live with a man who accuses women of being money-grubbing mares?

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just bought Nov 25/18 1  1

I bought this book but it never showed up in my purchases. So I bought it again an it still hasn't shown up yet. N it says you don't do refunds. ???

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A story following a phrase 3.5 4  4

Anthony Liccione, the writer quoted, "A fool is made more of a fool, when their mouth is more open than their mind.” This follows true for the hero who insults the heroine and her mother for most of the novel. The heroine is the hero's stepsister who was attracted to him and attempted to seduce him when she was in high school. Personally, I thought it was poor choice of timing because 1) she was in high school and he's sees her as a child since there's a 12 year age gap, 2) He just got out of a messy divorce with his now ex-wife who took half of everything and abandoned their daughter, 3) they barely knew each other until after the wedding, and 4) she thought he would be ready for women. So, that short hand to skin scene ends with the hero confirming that both mother and daughter are gold diggers and makes it his personal mission to never get close to the mother and heroine and makes sure that his girl doesn't either. Sadly, five years past and both the parents pass away one after the other. The hero and heroine meet for the hearing of the will, along with a nasty cousin. The condition of the will is that the heroine and hero have to be married or the cousin will receive the whole inheritance like the loan that the heroine has to the father for paying to rebuild her restaurant after it got burned down and hero loses the very company he's been working at and expanding. The two are still despising each but they swallow enough distaste to agree to a marriage of convenience. The hero still insults the heroine about taking money from the father, the mother being a gold digger, and the heroine trying to seduce him too. The heroine stands her ground and against the hero's insults, making sound argument if he can't say anything nice about the heroine's mother then he's not going to believe her at all. The two have a quick wedding and honeymoon but their relationship is still as sour as before. What's funny is the hero is immensely attracted to the heroine but stands by his judgement that she's a gold digger. One would have thought with all the money he has that he would do a little digging to find out about the heroine and her mother. They move in and the heroine has to follow the hero's instruction with don't do this or that and most importantly, don't get close to his daughter. Oh the irony, the hero treats the heroine and when the little girl starts doing the same by saying the same thing as the who tells her not but she ask why not because he does it. That was funny for me, because he sees his behavior is influencing his daughter to act naughty. Once, the hero is gone, the heroine and the little girl spend time together. The little girl starts having fun and likes the idea of the heroine taking her to school, picking her up, go horse riding, and learning how to cook. It takes the hero seeing an employee's wife who cries over the death of her husband for him to realizes that his father and the heroine's mother were deeply in love. The heroine goes to the lawyer to hand her rights and the fortune to the hero and learns that "Mr. Gresham" has the lawyer finish out the papers for the divorce. The heroine thinks it's the hero and closes herself off to him when he comes back. The hero learns of the heroine's past of being a child to a single mom, learning to cook in order to make her mom happy. When they talk, they learn about the divorce were made by request of the late Mr. Gresham, the hero's father. The two of them talk out their feelings of love and want to have a real wedding with all the trimming.

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Passion and money 3  3

I was uncertain about rating this novel with three or four stars... I've chosen the first option only because I haven't appreciated the high focus on money and inheritance. Moreover I have not understood 'how' the hero happened to change his mind about the heroine's real intentions. It seemed so 'sudden' to me...! Anyway I like this comic because of the heroine's behaviour and the passion between the two of them! The rate should be... 3.5 stars! :)

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