Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 2

Historical Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 2

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Virgin Slave, Barbarian King 2

Julia, a girl from a noble family, is kidnapped by the Visigoths, who have attacked the Roman Empire, and is turned into a slave. Between the customs of the savage tribe and heavy labor she is not used to, she is on the verge of despair. Her master, Wulfric, the King of Wolves, speaks to her with arrogance—until she turns into a totally different girl from who she initially was. A wild kiss stolen in the bath lights up the flame of love in her heart for the first time in her life. All she thinks about are his shining green eyes and his robust body. He is an enemy, and she is just a slave…

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excellent story 5  5

This is the first 5-star rating I've given to any of these in months. I love the story, the setting is done exceptionally well. I loved both the characters. The ending wasn't really as good for me as the path to the ending. I loved it. I enjoy history and it seems the author and mangaka must love it as well. The Romans and Visigoths are some of my favorite historical cultures in history and they pulled off everything, from the correct settings to the correct looks of the characters while incorporating historical people into a fictional story. I'll definitely read this one again. Both the lead woman and the man were strong-minded and interesting. I'd suggest it to anyone who enjoys harlequin manga.

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Still love, " The virgin slave, the Barbarian King." 5  5

For the people who have only read the second book and not the first, I would recommend that you read the first because it's such a good series that you need to start from the beginning. The second book was awesome because we see from the perspectives of the hero and the heroine on what to do with present situation. I really liked reading both of theirs. When authors put in one perspective, it drives me a little nuts into thinking that the hero is being cold. Julia: I liked how Julia boldly states to Wulfric of what she wants from him. I love how after he set her free and time went by that she went back to him. She also freed another slave, which is really nice. I also liked how she fought Sunilda, saying that she had a right to be there as a free woman and that she loved Wulfric. There are a couple of more moments of her bravery and individual thinking that I can't mention just yet. Wulfric: Wulfric is a great character. He is so in love with Julia but he doesn't want her to have his child because he thinks that it might hurt Julia. A lot of his actions to Julia are for Julia. One is letting her go back to her family. The second is asking her to be with him and sacrificing what makes him a warrior in his culture. It's so romantic. The one regret is not seeing their child in the end, just the hint. Either way, it was a five out of five book.

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