Cinderella and the CEO

Passion Romance Cinderella and the CEO

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Cinderella and the CEO

Laurel had determined that she would never fall in love again after her last marriage to a disloyal ex-husband. She occasionally hosts trainees at her company from New York to supplement her income, but she has never been interested in them as men. However, Deek's gentle smile has moved her heart in a very sweet way. She falls for his attractiveness, but finds out that his real identity is the successor of the CEO of her company. She realizes that they come from two completely opposite worlds. Moreover, his real motivation is to investigate the fraud within the company. Is Laurel one of the suspects, too?

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very nice. 4  4

The heroine is a single mom of two heavenly little girls and the main breadwinner in the family. She hosts her home as a dorm for new trainees to her company because it's essential to her family's financial situation. She also has a mother who despite having dementia, always seems to remember the bad points in the heroine's life like her marriage to a smart and rich man who chose a girl from a rich and influential family over the heroine and his own daughters. The hero is the new trainee who settles himself into the family of four, making a big impact on the heroine's personal life. Unfortunately, the heroine discovers after going all the way with the hero that he's the future CEO of the heroine's company and he's investing a finance issue that has the heroine as one of the suspects. Their relationship goes a wonky for a bit but the hero reveals that he wants to stay for the heroine longer and he invites her to meet his parents. The first meeting went horribly: the hero's mother accused the heroine of being a thief and told the hero to punish her as an example right in front of the heroine, the heroine's mother has an episode, and the heroine's youngest daughter pees on the expensive couch. The hero's mother still acts rudely the next day, even after apologizing to the heroine. She states that if she wants to marry the hero then she has to put her mother in a facility and teach her children proper manners then notes the eldest daughter who plays baseball as a barbaric. I'm sorry, but did you ever take a lesson in manners? She leaves and the hero would follow behind her if it weren't for his father's heart attack. The heroine also finds the thief but the only is only stealing in order to pay for his daughter's expensive medical bills. She gives up the jewelry the hero gave her to the man and a warning to never come back to town or the company. She takes the blame and the hero doesn't contact. However, the glamor world and the countless women that the mother brings to him as bride candidates only make him think back to the heroine and the simple life in town. Then the guard shows up with the jewelry, admitting the heroine took the blame for them. The mother wants him thrown out but the hero doesn't and even makes a speech to ask donations for the sick daughter. Afterwards, he goes straight back to the heroine and reveals that he's commuting from the heroine's home to New York in order to be with her. The heroine reveals her big secret: she's actually younger than what her company identity says because manager can't normally be in their twenties. It was kind of a disappointment because she's younger than the hero. The hero gets down on one knee and asks the heroine to marry him, which the heroine says yes to. Then only a few weeks before the wedding, the two mothers are sitting down, enjoying a beer and cheering for the eldest granddaughter as she pitches. It's a very nice ending.

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