The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress

Passion Romance The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress

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The Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress

Billionaire Chrysander Anetakis is known to the world as a rich Greek hotel magnate, but Marley Jameson knows him differently. They made passionate love whenever business took him to New York, but Marley's hopes for future happiness are dashed when he tells her, "This isn't a relationship. You're just my mistress," and kicks her out of his penthouse. Still reeling in shock, she fails to notice the kidnappers trailing her on that shadowy New York street. Chrysander thinks she has left him for good, until she is discovered three months later, suffering from amnesia, and pregnant to boot!

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He doesnt deserved her 1  1

If i was the heroine, i will immediately leave the hero the second i regained my memories back. She was accused of stealing and held hostage for 3 months for god sake, and even worst while she was pregnant. I know that the hero didnt aware that it was set up by someone else, but still he should at least give it some doubt. Just imagine the amount of trauma the heroine went through. I think she should just put it behind her, and move on. Sometimes i just dont understand the female logic in harlequin series.

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jumping to conclusions 2.5 3  3

The hero has jumped to the conclusion that his secretary, now mistress who he keeps locked up in the penthouse because he can't stand the idea of her being anywhere else has given company blueprints to a rival company because the blueprints were in her bag but here is the thing: why didn't he ask her about it??? He believes right off the bat that she's guilty and kicks her to the curb. When he doesn't hear back from her, he conclusions are confirmed and he leaves it at that. That is until, he sees the heroine on national t.v. has a victim of kidnapping, held prisoner for three months and five months pregnant that matches with her time with the hero. The hero is shocked by all this and goes to see the heroine whose mind has shut out her memories so much that she can't remember anything during her captivity or even the hero. The hero takes this opportunity to project himself as the worried fiancée of the heroine. The vulnerable heroine takes the hero's word because losing her memories and finding out she's pregnant has caused her to lean on the next person offering a comforting word. The hero plans to keep her at a distance and his brothers aren't so welcoming to the heroine's presence because she had them lose a lot of money and dupe their brother. Now, the heroine has lost her memories but she hasn't lost her sense and notices strange things like the clothes in her closet are maternity size when the hero states that she's been with them for months, the brothers' hostility, the hero's coldness, etc. There was something that the hero should have been suspicious of in the first place: the secretary calls to tell the hero that another set of blueprints were stolen and lays the blame on the heroine. Now, here is a sensible questions: how would the heroine know where to look on the hero's computer if she lost all her memories about the hero, including the ones of where she worked for him and knew it? Not to mention, the hero hasn't taken her to his office at headquarters, doesn't allow her in his office alone, or anything? Yet, the hero doesn't question the secretary. At the night of a gala or something, the heroine overhears the hero with his brothers and secretary, talking about taking the child away from the heroine, punishing the heroine for stealing the blueprints. The whole scene unlocks the door where the heroine's memories are sealed and she collapses from the shock. When she wakes up, she remembers everything and can't stand to be in the same place as the hero. She runs away but is founded by one of the hero's brothers who takes her back gently. Once, she's situated, a therapist asks her what happened. The heroine reveals that she discovered she was pregnant when the hero got back from his trip but when she asked about what their relationship is; he states that she's just a mistress. Then when the topic of the blueprint comes up, the therapist asks if it's true and the heroine comments that the therapist is the first person to ask her that. The heroine goes on about the hero kicking her out, she goes on a walk and then gets kidnapped by the guys. During her captivity, she overhears the ransom kidnappers sent to the hero replied that he wouldn't pay them, that the hero has abandoned her. The whole thing shut the heroine's memories away and the hero has listened in to this conversation feeling sick to the stomach and I say good for him. He realizes his harsh words were wrong to the heroine. He also realizes that when the heroine says that the therapist is first person to ask the heroine that he just jumped to the conclusion without looking deeper and is stunned by the last bit of news because he never received a ransom note. He tells his brother that it couldn't have been the heroine who stole the blueprints and remembers the secretary being there the day the he kicked her for discovering the papers of the agreement with the other company. He's about to confront the secretary when the brother calmly suggests they catch her in the act. The hero tricks the secretary into believing that he's attracted to her and she admits to stealing the blueprints and hiding the ransom note from the hero. The hero coldly rebuffs her and has her dragged away from the police where he's left regretting over how much pain he's brought the heroine. When the heroine wakes up from a sedative that the therapist gave her, the hero is right there to apologize and ask (he should have begged) for the heroine's forgiveness. The hero reveals that it was the secretary who framed the heroine and hid the ransom note from the hero who would have paid for it in a heartbeat. He reveals that he was scared of her because of what she made him feel and that he was an idiot for not believing in her. He also says that he'll spend the rest of his life making it up to her and asks her to marry him. She says yes and all is well but it wasn't really my cup of tea.

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