The Boss's Mistress

Pure Romance The Boss's Mistress

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The Boss's Mistress

Oh, no! Laura finds herself in a fender bender with a luxury car owned by a handsome but rude young man. He is in fact so rude that she loses her temper and starts to argue with him. Laura's on her way to work to meet the scary new boss who's taking over her company, so she's already under a lot of stress. Then she finds out just who her new boss really is....

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just lovely! 5  5

I really enjoyed reading this comic because of how it was done. We have a hero and heroine who have been burned by love (their cheating spouses are horrible). So,they distance themselves in pursuing a real relationship with the hero going out with every Jane, Mary, and Kate and the heroine by staying away from any man who would be considered a danger to her single status. The two of them meet when the heroine accidentally scratches the hero's car to avoid hitting a cat and then discovers that the owner of a hunk of metal is her boss. She's also told by her coworker to hide the fact that she has kids because they'll be seen as getting in the way of work. I don't know if that's true, it has never happened to me but the heroine is too scared too lose her job so she hides the fact. The two of them have a bit of a rocky start but they slowly begin to connect but when the hero tries to get to the heroine better but she holds back due to the fear of him finding out about her kids and getting fired. There are a few funny moments like accidentally going into the same room and sleeping in the same bed; that was funny. The hero does find out about her kids and while he is upset with her for thinking what she thought of him, he quickly cools down. The two of them settle down and enjoy dinner with the kids. The hero does so well with the kids even when the heroine rejects his advances. It good to see the two of them struggle with their attraction to each other because it feels human.The heroine finds out hero's horrible marriage with his materialistic ex wife and her cheating ways. The two of them finally become very close to each other and they spend time together as a couple and with the kids. In fact, the kids love being around the hero and want him to marry their mom. Unfortunately, the heroine ends it because it's getting too close but the hero doesn't give up and he opens his heart to the heroine. I say job well done because it's hard to open up to someone you fell in love with when you haven't had good relationships. He says it in front of the office, so not the best location. This prompts the heroine to run off and when the hero catches up to her, she reveals the big secret: her husband was a cheater too, who died while taking his mistress on vacation. Then the kids' school calls to tell the hero that they're missing and the hero helps her look for him. During the search, they talk more making it easier to deal with the issue. Then they find the kids and we have a beautiful confession from the hero and a happy ending. I really liked reading this comic and it's something to enjoy.

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Trust and love... Again! 5  5

This story is gorgeous, I really like it! The hero is sexy and strong-willed, but he's a good guy, too. The heroine is nice and sweet (and her children are lovely). Due to their past experiences they both fear to trust someone else and start a serious relationship... But it's too late: they have already fallen in love! Art is cute!!! So... Read it!

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