High-Society Secret Pregnancy

Romance High-Society Secret Pregnancy

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High-Society Secret Pregnancy

Julia, a resident of the high-society apartment building at 721 Park Avenue, meets a successful businessman named Max in a café and has a magical night with him. Then, she finds out she's pregnant. She tries to tell Max but he doesn't believe her. Soon after, the threats begin….

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Oh, it did not go well. 2  2

Boy, was this couple having trouble. I starts out with the heroine contemplating on telling the hero of his impending fatherhood when they don't have a girlfriend & boyfriend relationship. It was one of those one time things. When the heroine tells the hero, he doesn't take well at all. In fact, he asks the heroine who the father is. In fact, even after he accuses of putting the responsibility of another man's baby on him, she gives in to his advances and has coitus. It gets so much better because after the coitus because they have another with the heroine storming out of the hero's house. The heroine makes plans to raise the child on her but a blackmail letter shows up. It's very strange considering very few people know about the baby. The letter pushes the heroine to go back to the hero and ask for help. He points out the obvious like if you pay the blackmailer, they'll just keep asking for more. Then he comes up with crazy shenanigan that the two of them get married, so the blackmailer will be unable to use her pregnancy since she won't be an unwed mother who's also the only child of one of the most richest and oldest family in New York and she works at a conservative charity. The heroine, when being backed into a corner, agrees with the hero's plan. The heroine's parents aren't too happy with the arrangement of their only daughter being some wall street upstart. Although, the hero is being very kind to the heroine, she still has a hard time with him not believing that she's telling the truth. They get married and it looks like a happy couple. However, this marriage has a skeleton in the closet. It's easy to see that the hero is in love with the heroine but he won't admit, not even to his close friend who can see it so clearly. It takes jealousy for the hero to finally reveal that he's incapable of having children from all the tests he took with his crummy ex-wife who had him pay a huge damage fee for all the trouble. Wow! The heroine tries to make the best of it but the hero says the words that breaks the camel's back in this situation, "We're only together for the contract and the sex," Yep, if she didn't leave after that then I would have been disappointed in her more. However, she has the last word of him believing his ex-wife's words over her and leaves their apartment. The hero's friend gives him the news of the heroine's last relationship and advice that his ex-wife was a crummy person who could have forged the test results. The hero goes to the hospital and finds out the truth. Boy, he looked like a total idiot and the one smart thing he did was get on his knees with a large bouquet of roses in front of the heroine. It was a nice ending but I wasn't really interested in the whole plot line.

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Who sent the letter? I get that its a 3 part series but wow, they totally just ignored that. This one is a little bland for me. She slept with him without protection first as a one night stand and then after being insulted. Wow girl.such a role model for the youth and an exemplary model for that charity you belong to. (sarcasm) I dont like her. Actually I dont like the leads. Frontpage Management is far more fun, enjoyable with very likeable and hilarious characters.

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