The Italian Boss's Secret Child

Romance The Italian Boss's Secret Child

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The Italian Boss's Secret Child

Ms. Brown Rat, that's what Philly's idol boss, Damien, has contemptuously nicknamed her. Even knowing that her boss would never be interested in her quiet and dorky self, she is still hurt by this name. Nonetheless, Damien has a passionate eye on her while she is wearing a Cleopatra costume at a masked ball, and they end up making love. The next day, he still doesn't know that Cleopatra from the party is Philly, and he selects her to join him on a big project. Now they are flying to the Gold Coast on their own….

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The heroine is given the nickname of brown rat by her boss because of her demure and plain appearance. The heroine is dealing with hard pain as of last year losing her brother, her sister-in-law, and nephew in a plane crash. Then her mother becomes terminally ill and loses the will to fight for never having held her grandchild and then her fiancee leaves her 2 months before their wedding. So, it's been a tough time for the heroine and the hero's attitude nor his nickname help. I liked reading from both of their minds since it made things easier to see from both perspectives. The heroine decides after encouragement from her mother to go to the company costume party as a way to forget all the stress and pain she has had to deal with. She dresses up as Cleopatra and goes to the party where she meets her Marc Anthony who turns out to be the hero. Although, the hero has no idea who his Cleopatra is and takes her to his office where they have intimate night together. The heroine leaves before the hero learns of her true identity and he's left wondering who his lover from two thousand years ago really is. He does ask the heroine but her superior cuts her off believing she stayed home. The hero orders her to accompany with him on a trip and gives her a check to buy a new outfit because her rat outfit is unsuitable. So, she takes advantage of the multiple zeros and gives herself a makeover that shocks the hero. In fact, during their time together, he discovers similarity between the heroine and his mystery woman and discovers the kindness of the heroine who takes care of him when she discovers his fever. He wakes up the next morning to find the heroine right there by his side and he pulls her in for a kiss and into bed but the heroine stops from going any further. It would seem that was that till the heroine sees the positive lines on the pregnancy test. She's happy at first till she realizes she needs to tell the hero and how she comes to tell him is not the best. This is because the heroine's ex-fiancee comes, acting like he and the heroine are still in a relationship. It is easy to see the hero is being negatively affected by the ex's presence and he doesn't know why. The heroine pulls the ex aside he tells her to get back together because the OW was lying and it was all the OW's fault and not his. She's confesses she's pregnant with another man's baby and when he demands a man, the hero steps up as the father. Once, the hero scares the ex off with his menacing presence, the heroine tell him that he really is the father and uses a line he used on her when she was Cleopatra to prove it. The hero is shocked to where the heroine asks about his family, he reveals that he lost them at a young age and was raised by horrible relatives. The whole trauma made go against the idea of loving anyone anymore. The hero offers her conditions on great house and medical care but she rejects it. She leaves and he goes to visit her home where he sees her mother who is looking worse for wear like the house. However, he learns from the mother of the promise the heroine made to the mother and now thinks she only got pregnant on purpose to please her mother. Now, the heroine gets the surprise when she returns home to find the hero in her home with the news she's going to marry him. The two of them over the heroine's promise, what happened that night, and why she went in disguise. The heroine also admits to loving the hero but he doesn't believe her because of the promise. The two have a lovely wedding but a cold beginning to their wedding night. However, the heroine doesn't give up and speaks to the hero through the door of how she felt that night to be with him and how her love for him will never change. She goes away when she hears a strange sound and happens to stumble upon a burglar in his break in. The man pulls a gun out and points it at the hero but he's pushed out of the way by the heroine who takes the graze of a bullet. The frightening situation makes the hero realize of what he nearly lost but the heroine reassures him that both she and their baby will never leave him. The hero admits his mistake of forcing her to marry him and that he loves her too. Their hearts connect and we fast forward two years later where the hero is hugging his little girl. They have been living together and the mother was able to hold the little girl before her illness took her. They also have another little one on the way and it ends on a happy note with the hero holding his three precious family members close.

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