The Daddy Track

Pure Romance The Daddy Track

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The Daddy Track

Nate is an arrogant businessman who blames himself for causing the deaths of his best friend and his friend’s wife. His best friend had a beautiful sister named Jordan, who has two children. Thinking that it might be a small act of atonement, Nate spends his time being close to Jordan and her children, but the more the children grow to like him the greater the guilt in his heart grows. Having learned the meaning of the words follow your heart, passed on to him by his grandparents, will Nate ever find long-lasting love? Part three of From This Day Forward is finally complete!

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It is not his fault 5  5

Ohhhhhhh, the poor hero definitely needed the heroine in this one. So, the hero has been attracted to the heroine ever since he met when she was pregnant with twins and married. Now, after seven years of on and off contact, they meet again for her brother and sister-in-law's funeral. The hero is feeling immense guilt for their deaths because the brother was one of his best workers who was leaving the company in order to support his father's failing business. The hero asks him to do one more project that requires him to drive to the destination. The wife goes with him and they get into a car accident that kills them. Now, the hero wants to make it up to the heroine by being their for her twins since their father is divorced by all three of them and the heroine with the failing company. The heroine runs a company, a dinner, a household, and is the maternal figure for one of her teenage waitresses who's has had an easy life and is pregnant. I liked how he helps the heroine out, bonds with the kids, and how the heroine grows closer and closer to him. They support each other but when things start getting hot and passionate. The passion reawakens the hero's guilt and it pulls him away, reminding him that he's responsible for the heroine's pain. The heroine is perplexed on what to do because she finds herself falling for the hero until his sweet old grandfather tells of her of the hero's guilt and asks him. When our main couple meet at the crossroads, the hero finally reveals that her family members' deaths were his fault because he asked the brother to drive there to do a job. The heroine scolds him for blaming himself when he had no control over what happened to the brother. What happened to the brother and his wife was an horrible accident and that is it PERIOD. There's no one to blame or hold accountable, it was just a sad car accident. Their feelings reach other and their relationship goes onto to a new level. The next couple of things happen with the heroine's father selling the company, the hero's cousin coming with her husband to throw a surprise wedding for their grandma and grandpa. I loved this part the most because when they surprise the grandma and grandpa by putting on the family heirloom veil on the grandma who turns to see her husband; they go back to when they first met. We get a side by side photo with them both young then old. I found it incredibly romantic and good scene. The ending was great with the wedding and the reception with the hero telling the heroine that he loves her and asks her to marry him. She throws herself into his arms, proclaiming yes and that's the end. It was a good book to read.

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