A Wife of Convenience

Romance A Wife of Convenience

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A Wife of Convenience

“Be my scapegoat!” is what Rosie’s twin sister said to her, begging her to act out a marriage with a man in order to make her boyfriend jealous. The fake fiancé was Morgan Urquart, a stunning, handsome man, who had a need to wed within six months to gain management rights to his company. With the understanding that this is merely a marriage based on contract, Rosie feels relieved, but at the same time starts to feel sweet, heartrending sorrow. Rosie tries to hide her discomposure while trying hard to act as her twin sister, but Morgan detects that she is a scapegoat...!?

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becky's comment - June 10th, 2016

It is puzzling why Heronine would accept her sister's ridiculous request but obviously she fell for Hero at first sight. Despite claiming that the marriage is only for business, Hero gets jealous when Heroine talks to other men.

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things should have been unsaid 3  3

Oh my goodness, I get doing things for your siblings even when you don't want is a common thing from driving them to a friend's house when you're working to looking after their kids for the weekend on short notice. Yet, I really wanted the heroine to draw the line of pretending to be her sister and delay her engaged partner so the sister can marry her boyfriend. The heroine quotes that she's like their mother being a free spirit; so she must have air between those ears because she wanted to make her boyfriend jealous and push for him to propose by getting engaged to another guy. Then she throws the problem at her sister the heroine: NA Nuh!!! My words to the sister: You made your bed, LIE in it!! Does the heroine put up the stop sign, no? No, she just rolls over and goes along with the scheme not thinking that if she caught then she'll have to relay the message to the jilted fiancée of the sister's marriage to another and we all know what happens to the messenger. This is a common thing: the heroine is her mother's secretary and has been a pushover for the woman because she has an artistic mood. Oh, it gets better (sarcasm), first meeting with the hero has a teenage OW interrupt, gives the heroine a slap and says the only reason the hero is marrying her is to get management rights to the company. The hero states that the sister (thinking it's the heroine) knows about the agreement, which is another thing that she failed to mention. So, it's business deal where the hero doesn't love the sister and vice versa. Oh, it gets better, the heroine finds out that another one of the conditions for the agreement is that she gives birth to an heir!!! At that moment, I would have shouted "I'm a fake, your real fiancée ditched ya!!!" I mean seriously, that's what the heroine should have done and when she starts the hero stops her and she goes along with it???? Are you kidding me??? Then the hero laughs, says there's no contract to the heroine by saying her actual name. It turns out the joke is on the heroine because the hero knew she wasn't the sister by her nails and had her investigated when they were out for the day. Now, the hero is on a time limit and has selected the heroine as the new future Mrs. but the heroine rejects and a fight breaks out. It goes south so bad that the heroine ends up slapping the hero. Though, not all what the hero said was wrong but the heroine decides to fight back. Her first attempt is dressing up like a hippie to embarrass the hero and his family but the hero goes along and even changes into a hippy attire as well. She learns he's a fun guy who really cares about his employees. The teenage OW pops up again with a venomous mouth about how the hero only loves his dead wife, her cousin. The heroine is hurt and runs off but the hero catches her. Yet, he brings up calling off the engagement but the heroine agrees to it and they're married. The two head to the tropics for their honeymoon and the heroine learns from their tropic housekeeper that the dead wife was more of a city person than the tropic person. OH honey, what would I give to live in the tropics. So, after drinking some of the "special" punch, the heroine goes out and found by the hero. The punch has some funny after facts that lead to some hot activities. They engage some more and have a great time together. Yet, obstacles arise with how the hero thinks the heroine will be fine with going to beauty salons and stores but the heroine wants an actual job. It ends on a sour note with the hero saying she should have married the heroine's sister. It gets worse when the heroine's family friend comes by to give her a job and sees how depressed she is. The hero hears about the job opportunity and the friend convincing the heroine to leave him and says so many wrong things. After the friend leaves, the hero accuses the heroine of cheating and she finally has had it. She smashes a glass stuff and tells the hero that she's leaving. The hero leaves and doesn't come back the next morning with the teenager coming in and mocking the heroine of how the hero was with her last night because she looks like her cousin. So, the heroine goes back to the tropics home but get there right before a hurricane. Luckily, the hero is there to help her into the cellar where they finally talk things out. The hero admits that he didn't take his relationship with his first wife well with putting work before her and not letting her go home to her parents when she wanted to. So, she ran away but died in a plane crash with her lover. Therefore, the hero feels guilty for driving her to that point. The hero says states he was never with the brat but spent all night in his office. The heroine also admits that the family friend is really her stepfather who she has a better relationship with than with her mother. The hero is shocked by the news and confesses his fear of losing her and that he is in love with her for her. The heroine does the same and we have a happy ending.

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ugh! 2  2

UGH! I hate heroines like this she pushes him away but she's the first one running back to him! My eyes rolled a couple of times while reading this. She's way too gullible! My god! I usually enjoy stories drawn by Yoshiko Hanatsu but this one's a fail. Yeah, I liked that the hero gets jealous. (It was so obvious btw that from the beginning he already fell for her.) But the heroine ruined it for me.

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I love these two 5  5

The chemistry between them is amazing and even though its a convenient marriage, you can tell there's something going on between them. I bought this months ago and I've read it several times over. Each time I'm enjoying every page. Definitely a MUST READ. I love how he's not the average comes-from-a-rich-family player type and she's spunky, doesn't let him win so easily. Not the timid overlooked girl.

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