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“No one can stop my feelings for you!” Stephanie puts everything on the line for her beloved Charles. Even though she acts like a child sometimes, his smiling face brings her the highest happiness! Though, there must be mention of his horrible treatment of Stephanie, as well... Three years after his rejection, Stephanie, who has returned from her studies in Italy where she planned on forgetting everything about Charles, had a fantastical meeting with him in her hometown! Stephanie finds herself feeling guilty after having Charles’ kiss awaken her feelings... Even if just for a while, she doesn’t want to wake up from that dream. Not thinking about the past or future, but just being in that moment. Will Stephanie, whose chest is full of both happiness and uneasiness, find her way to love?

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becky's comment - April 4th, 2014

It is a lovely story.
To Charles, the hero, Stephanie acts as a child. In fact, Stephanie is a child, too. And it becomes the excuse that Charles broke up with Stephanie three years ago.
Three years later, as soon as Stephanie comes back to the valley, Charles can't help but telling Stephanie his feelings.
However, in the night which Stephanie is looking forward to have dinner with Charles, Charles breaks up with Stephanie again…
I like the way how Stephanie gets up from upset, and you will definitely be surprised about why Charles breaks up with Stephanie again.

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Embarassing to read. 2  2

This was embarrassing to read. However, if you like drama for the sake of drama with no real reasons behind it. You will love this one. Both main characters are super immature. I mean ridiculously. The male lead was the least bad of the 2 but he had some years on the lead female so I guess that should be expected. The whole story was full of unwarranted jealousy, the characters hurting each other for selfish reasons, the guy running after the girl over and over while she was being stupid for no reason, and the characters throwing themselves at each other and brutally rebuffing each other. If you like insanity then you've come to the right place. The truth is, both were immature, the woman if you could call her that... more like a little girl in a woman's body, was weak and I mean weak, even when she played the villain in order to turn around a conversation by the rude male lead. She did that because in a rare moment of clarity he told her what was wrong with her and what her problem was and she couldn't handle that truth. Both of them are good for each other though because the guy has rediculous amount of pride, self love, and a need to be in control and in charge. Because of that, he Needs someone like her. Someone who he can lord over because he is in fact more mature than her (which doesn't take much). In the ending, they didn't really solve any of the issues they had from earlier, but the girl was pinned down by him and forced to listen to him as opposed to run away and then, all of a sudden, after he got it off his chest, they lived happily ever after... the end... yeah not for me. Sorry.

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Loveable couple! 5  5

Stephanie is rather aggressive, and, well, youthful. She's so cute, and I love Mao's style in recreating the characters in such a loveable way. Stephanie got into a serious crush with a man a lot older than her, but she was pushed aside because she was a student. Years later, she comes back, an adult and working woman, and Charles this time is the one who pursues her. Storytelling is very likeable.

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