Baby at Bushman's Creek

Pure Romance Baby at Bushman's Creek

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Baby at Bushman's Creek

A determined Claire comes all the way to a small town in the Australian Outback from London to fulfill her sister’s dying wish. She has come seeking the father of the baby she left behind, but finds that he has gone overseas and ends up meeting the man’s brother, Grey. She decides to wait until he returns at Grey’s station, an area of natural beauty beyond her imagination. Grey is cold and indifferent because he thinks she could never make it as a city girl. However, once she tells him that the father of the kid is his younger brother, will he decide Claire is a scam artist!?

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Surprise: you are a uncle. 4  4

The hero gets a surprise when the heroine tells him that his brother who's in the States is the father of a seven month old baby girl but the mother who's the sister to the heroine died from cancer and the heroine know she had to tell the brother. The heroine thought it would be the best choice for her to fly from London to Australia to tell him the news as completing the last wish of her sister. The hero is skeptical and while, it's understandable, does he not know how much it costs to fly and the hours of having baby on a flight that long? So, the heroine comes up with a proposal and when the hero makes the money comment, she gives him a piece of his mind. The hero apologizes and invites the heroine to stay on his ranch for the next month until the brother comes back. the heroine is under condition by the hero to not tell any one at the ranch of their newfound relationship and hires her as the housekeeper. The hero is very considerate and babysits the little girl while, the heroine gets some shut eye. After that, the heroine works hard and shows her value in cleaning and cooking. The two talk and but the heroine senses the distance the hero has placed between the heroine and himself. Later, they get word from the brother that he has been delayed for another 5 months. This puts a kink in the heroine's because her bias only lets her stay for another two months. The hero answers that the heroine should marry him in order to get a visa to get an Australian citizenship. The heroine thinks for a couple of hours and agrees to the hero's plan on the condition that they sign a prenup so he won't think that she's a gold digger. The hero and heroine have to act out that it's real around workers and friends or the people from immigration will get suspicious. So, it's after this "engagement" that the hero and heroine start learning more and more about each other. The two of them go out to eat with some of the hero's friends, meaning the hero's ex-fiancee who's quite a nice girl to the heroine. The heroine thinks the hero is jealous of the friend's fiancee and still holds these doubts after they are married. The next morning, the heroine sees the friend crying in the hero's arms because she cancelled his engagement and wasn't happy with him at all. Then the heroine gets a call from a former lover that he's finally divorcing his wife and wants a 2nd chance with her. The hero acts coldly but the heroine remembers despite failing deeply in the man, she has forgotten about and her mind has been on the hero. Next, the hero gets a call from the brother to pick him up and he knows about the sister and the baby girl and since the sister left, he's been depressive and sad. It's such a touching scene to watch the brother hug his little girl. The heroine leaves and goes back but not to the OM when she realizes her feelings for him have changed. A month later and the heroine can only think about going back to the ranch. Surprisingly, the hero pops up to tell to see that the heroine is happy because he's in love with her. The heroine doesn't believe it because she let her leave but the hero did it because he thought it was what he wanted. Then she says that he wanted to marry the friend and mentions the jealous scene but the hero tells the heroine that he was jealous of the way she talked and smiled at the fiancee. The two of them open up their feelings towards each other with I love you's the heroine goes back with the hero to the ranch.

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