Sold into Marriage

Passion Romance Sold into Marriage

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Sold into Marriage

Josie, who’s from a prominent family, has been living in self-imposed exile in Paris after being labeled as a whore. On a lonely Christmas night, she is startled to find a stranger watching her as she entertains herself at a window. The man introduces himself as Adam. They hit it off so well that they decide to have dinner together, which leads to spending a night. After an intense night, Josie feels content but becomes enraged the moment she discovers Adam’s identity!

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3.5 not the best title 4  4

The whole title of "Sold into Marriage" is both incredibly accurate and inaccurate because it takes that the hero bought the heroine with a form of currency or something when he all know that did not happen and phrase is inaccurate because it was "Press into Marriage" rather than the title. Moving on, the hero goes to Paris to break his younger brother up with a girl that the mother thinks doesn't meet standard values. Now, he meets the heroine but only knows due to that horrible nude video of herself at a museum in New Orleans that made nationwide news but has a dinner with her. Frankly, I'm surprised that the museum allowed that kind of crud into the museum without verification that the artist got consent agreement signed by the heroine ( he took the video under false pretenses) to have her body put on display. That was such poor Museum management and both the museum and artist were in every position to be sued by the heroine's family. The dinner ends with him getting CPR from a burly waitress because he choked on escargot. Now, they have a special night but heroine finds the hero's true identity and kicks him out. Plus, she has no idea till later on that the hero had a girlfriend when they did it. So, the heroine ends that relationship and sees the brother who is her friend but he wants to be more. He finds out and is incredibly hurt by the whole thing. He shouts at the hero who calls the heroine but she shuts him out. The heroine finds out she's pregnant and plans to keep it a secret but her friend calls the hero to tell him the news. Then the hero comes to the heroine in order to push her to accept his marriage proposal and he succeeds in getting her to accept it temporarily. Now, they have a quick happy wedding and an okay visit to the heroine's family. The heroine finally opens out that the whole museum incident where she fell in love with an artist who exploited their private moments and her thoughts in order to get a name to remember. Then the heroine meets the hero's family who is accepting and the friend who organized the welcoming party but learns from the mother who spills it's the hero's ex and was insensitive with proclaiming how the ex has a big heart and all and it makes the heroine feel like the bad guy. So, over the course of the next few months, the hero and heroine grow till a miscarriage scare. It does make our couple hesitant to act to each other but they seem to go fine till the heroine catches up to the hero to give him some documents he left behind and sees the clamoring all over him, exclaiming she loves him. The heroine runs away feeling that she's been betrayed once again and won't listen to the hero's side when he catches her. The hero cancels his important trip to prove to the heroine that despite the ex's words, he's fallen in love with the heroine. The two then argue over who loves the other more and it ends on a happy note that would have been better if we saw the baby.

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❤️ 4  4

I love how he fell for her unexpectedly. And the love scenes were kinda nice. The only thing that I don't like, when it comes to this kind of manga is that yes the heroine is pregnant but they don't show the baby in the ending. I wanted to see a cute baby at the end. But it's good. That ex though what a snake!

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