The Sheikh's Bargained Bride

Romance The Sheikh's Bargained Bride

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The Sheikh's Bargained Bride

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Sabrina falls in love at first sight with Shiekh Adham. The feeling is apparently mutual, as they quickly get married in a dreamlike ceremony. However, just after their wedding, his attitude toward her changes. She ends up stuck in a giant palace with Adham not speaking to her, and even if she sees Adham, he just looks away. She didn't know it, but there was a certain contract involved in this marriage. "You married me in return for me paying off your father's debts. I need you to bear me a child within a year." And from that night on, she has to endure his sweet torment...

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The heroine is over the moon when she marries the man of her dreams and thinks that what he feels for is exactly the same thing. They met when the hero was visiting the heroine's sick father in the hospital. The hero was the heroine's support as her father grew weaker and weaker. Then interesting enough, the father told the heroine that the hero asked for her hand in marriage. It sounds a bit strange that the man would tell his daughter that a man asked for her hand in marriage instead of waiting for the hero to tell her himself. However, the heroine has noticed that after her marriage that even though the day after their wedding, the hero hasn't touched the heroine at all. The heroine tries to reason that it's because the day after their wedding, the father took his last breath. Yet, the hero calls the heroine a schemer, which surprises the heroine because she has no idea until the hero tells her that their marriage was only an arrangement between the hero and the father. He states that in exchange for shouldering the debts and getting rights to the vineyard of the father's then the hero would have to marry the heroine and she would bear him a successor. The heroine get alls the details from the lawyer and the hero only married her because she fit the list of his requirement. Although, we see in the hero's thoughts that he's in love with her but is so hurt by the idea that she married him for his money. It's a roller coaster for them because the heroine is trying to resist the hero's passionate gestures but the hero is all for it because they didn't have any problem with their physical chemistry. The heroine thinks that after their one night of coitus, they have finally connected but overhears hero talking with a friend of how one of their gestures was considered an act to destroy any rumors of them not marrying for love. The heroine is distraught, leaves a note that she wants a divorce to the hero, and goes back to her childhood home. The hero catches up to her and it's open up your feelings. The hero reveals that he has been in love with the heroine since day one and the morning after their first night, he went to the father to ask for her hand in marriage but the father brought up the deal. He hands the heroine a contract for her to write up whatever she wants but she tears it up, saying she only wanted his love. The hero is overjoyed by the new but the heroine thinks he's only acting when he says "I love you" nor believes his words of affirmation. The hero does the one thing in order to get the heroine to believe in him: confess his feelings live on tv on one of the most popular talk shows. It's actually quite a funny and it was a nice ending.

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