The Five-Year Baby Secret

Pure Romance The Five-Year Baby Secret

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The Five-Year Baby Secret

Despite their families being in a long feud with each other, Fleur and Matt fall in love. They get married in secret, but on their first night together, they receive terrible news. Fleur's mother and Matt's father eloped, but they were in an accident and died. Matt suggests they both leave, but Fleur insists on staying with her family. Six years after they have separated, Fleur is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Matt, who she hasn't heard from or seen all that time, appears in front of her. He coldly tells her, "I've come back to take my son who you gave birth to."

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Great art but... 3  3

I liked the art in this one. However, The drama between the main characters and their parents was the kind I didn't particularly enjoy. I'm not a fan of Katherine (the male lead's mother) even after we know her past so we are able to understand her in a way. If she wasn't so vengeful she wouldn't have run into another mans arms based solely on hearsay so in reality her hatred should be more focused internally than outwardly toward others. Also, The lead female sat on her butt twiddling her thumbs "hoping" Matt (the male lead) would come back and find her. She herself didn't try to contact him in the slightest for all 6 years. If she wanted to she could have found him. He was not in hiding or anything but she choose not to. I'd be pissed like the male lead was too (of course he made no move to contact her either so he is also at fault,) but it was her who choose to not go with him when a this trip had been planned for a long time. He practically begged her and she said no and wouldn't even give him a time frame on when she would be able to go back to him. Still, the male lead takes it a step too far when he plans to steel a child completely from his mother just over a grudge. She may have been too immature to be married but she was being a good mother. When he threatens to take the child away it has nothing to do with the well being of the child and that makes him unfavorable in my eyes as well. If he forced her into some sort of partial custody, I'd say he was totally in the right. Anyways you may be wondering what characters does that leave for me to actually like in the story? The 6 year old boy was cute. I did like him and also the father of the female lead was a good person too. Despite the negatives I outlined it the story didn't really sit all that bad with me. It's worth the 3 stars I gave it and maybe more depending on how other readers are and their personal preferences toward characters and this type of story.

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5  5

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