The Billionaire's Marriage Mission

Pure Romance The Billionaire's Marriage Mission

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The Billionaire's Marriage Mission

The door behind Beth makes a small sound and closes, and she freezes The country cottage she is renting has a spring-loaded lock, and she's gone outside in her pajamas with her dog in the middle of the night and is now stuck outside. Not knowing what else to do, she sees a car passing by and waves it down for help. The man driving the car is Travis Black, who is tall and handsome. But considering Beth has just gotten out of a relationship with an unfaithful man, another love affair sounds inconcievable...

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help with overcoming and overcoming yourself 4  4

The heroine has decided to never fall in love and live her life as a hermit after the man she married turned out to have another life with another family. However, the hero is there to put fun back in her life. He takes her out, cooks her breakfast, and introduces her to the rest of the townspeople. He's ultimate sweet, reliable, and an all around good guy to the heroine who falls in love with him but can't trust him due to the wounds left by her previous husband.The hero is also the only one who tells the heroine that she's letting the ex win by staying hurt, the ex-husband has lost it all, and the she can't keep wallowing in self pity over her bad marriage. It's those things that her family wanted to say but couldn't and what the heroine didn't want to hear. It leads to a fight where they separate for a bit. The heroine decides to finally see the ex and finds out that the OW left him, taking the kids. She realizes that she doesn't feel anything for him and he truly has lost everything like the hero said. She ends it a good bye and sets off to see the hero and hopefully win him back. After the two talk a bit, the heroine confesses her love and the hero does the same. We get the happily ever after wedding.

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A harlequin man who tells it like it actually is 4  4

I loved that this guy was able to be real about everything. What he said to the female lead before she left him was awesome and so true. He had to realize for someone so full of self pity it wouldn't work instantly... he was really lucky it got through at all and it probably wouldn't have if her sister didn't tell her that she thought the same thing but didn't have the courage to tell her. Although the female lead's pity party was pretty bad, she wasn't as bad as some characters I've seen in manga that never actually get set right. Overall, I'd say this harlequin was good. I'd read it again.

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Nice comic, even if not a great one... 3  3

I like this story as a whole, but I don't like the heroine's personality so much... There's not much 'action', too, and art is not my favourite one. Anyway it is an easy, nice comic for spare time.

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