The Desert King

Romance The Desert King

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The Desert King

Princess Aliyah arrives to her wedding in a black wedding dress. This is a declaration of war to her husband, King Kamal. Seven years ago, the two were in a relationship, but he messed around with her and then left her. Now, the two of them end up in an arranged marriage, and she is being forced to give him an heir. Aliyah treats him coldly during the ceremony and that resistence awakens something within him. As the drums pronounce them husband and wife, Kamal takes Aliyah into the depths of the palace into his bedroom. Unable to hold himself back anymore, he rips off her black dress...

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becky's comment - October 11th, 2019

Although the hero and the heroine were separated for many years by a misunderstanding. They are much stronger and charming when they reunite,which makes them more passionate about each other than before.

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This book has powerful emotions shown in each character's faces..❤ yet its soooo hilariouss..XD Hero is soooo handsome and cuutteeee... and heroine is sooo strong and beautifull.. I love ittt..

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level playing field. 5  5

In this story, we have the hero and the heroine who have been separated by a nasty misunderstanding. There has been seven years separation from each other. They have to meet again because the heroine is the illegitimate daughter to a neighboring sheikh and the hero is the last in line for the throne because his brothers gave it up for their wives. We learn that from the heroine's perspective that the hero just broke it off with her in a terrible way and suddenly receives an email from him. When they actually meet, we see that both sides have some backbone, which to me is awesome because I get so tired of the domineering heroes and doormat heroines. We also get to see from the hero's side that the reason for the break up was because of a another man's lie. However, I liked the fact that the hero didn't believe him at first till then heroine came to the other man's house for different reason, and that broke the hero's heart. When they meet agains its because they should marry because if they don't then their countries will go to war. I like the the heroine because there is an actually good reason for the heroine and the hero to come together and if they don't: people die. I love the heroine at the wedding for what she did; she had her wedding gown not in white but in black because the color black means being in authority. Then against the norm, she goes out to see the hero. She is a strong hero. Then after the wedding, the hero decides to get confirmation on what happened seven years ago. When he learns the truth, you could actually see the anguish, the pain, the horror, and the realization that the hero has plastered all over his face. Usually you, never see it but it's there and I love the ending. I totally agree with the first critic on this book.

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Amazing!!! 5  5

I love this book! So exciting, you can breath love and passion at every single page. I like the plot, the behavoiurs/the feelings of the main couple, the art... simply amazing! One of my favourite Harlequin books!

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