The Playboy's Proposition

Pure Romance The Playboy's Proposition

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The Playboy's Proposition

A wedding invitation sent to Michelle is from Kevin, the man she has dated for 10 years. Why? They always make up right away after bickering. Michelle is in shock; the one who is there to console her is rich, handsome and too-perfect Tyler. Michelle feels hostility toward him because of his excessive perfection; but he is her best friend. Michelle comes up with a plan that Tyler agrees to. That is, Michelle attends the wedding pretending that she and Tyler are lovers!

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becky's comment - May 20th, 2016

10years of relationship and what comes next is a wedding invitation without your name on it. This is one of the most cruel thing I've ever seen but things happen for a reason. In this story, a good one for sure.

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She didn't know till the end 3  3

The heroine is getting over a bad break up of a ten year relationship with her semi emotional boyfriend who seems to get all upset, breaks off the relationship, and then comes back begging for her to take him back. However, this time is different because the hero (close college friend) brings her the news that so shortly after the breakup, the ex is getting married to some rich man's daughter and he has sent the heroine an invitation. Wow, talk about being a total jerk. The heroine is beside herself and is only able to come up out of coaxing with the help of the hero who has treated the heroine far better than the ex, even when the heroine was being harsh on him. So, the heroine comes up with a plan to have the hero as her date to the wedding in order to show the ex that she's over him. I feel so sorry for the hero because he likes her so much. Now, he goes along without question and the wedding is sweet and spice with the hero's sister glaring daggers at the heroine (mad at the heroine for being so blind to her brother's true feelings), the ex telling the heroine that the hero is only trying to use her (Wrong on two things: (1) She is using him & (2) that is the pot calling the kettle black). Then there's the public show of affection in front of the ex and sister then that passionate kiss in front of the newlywed couple. Later, the heroine gets so drunk that she invites the hero to bed in order to prove that she's not defective. At first, the hero refuses but later consents and now after the hot passionate night, the heroine is as loopy over her thoughts and feelings as a box of fruit loops. She tries to figure out what her feelings are to the hero then hears about his long business trip. After throwing herself into a huge presentation and meeting the ex as one of her rivals, she pulls off her presentation so well that the company chooses her over the ex. After the competition, the ex goes to see the heroine at a café to give his congratulations and a long overdue apology for his mistreatment of her. They shake on it but the hero's sister comes up behind her to admonish the heroine for her "loose" behavior and how the poor hero saw the two of them then ran off. The heroine goes off in the city to find and finally manages to find him after dark.When she comes up to him, she opens her heart about how she was afraid of what she was feeling and that she has found out that she in love with the hero himself. The hero is shocked and overjoyed by the news of the heroine loving him. They hold each other in the arms then he gets down on one knee to ask her to marry him. She says yes and we end on the scene of our main couple wearing their wedding attire. For me, it was an okay romance but a little much for me because the feelings being thrusted all over.

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