The Venetian's Midnight Mistress

Romance The Venetian's Midnight Mistress

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The Venetian's Midnight Mistress

While attending a masquerade ball wearing a sparkling gold dress, Dani meets a man with a dangerous smile dressed like a pirate. Since divorcing her abusive husband, Dani has been distrustful of men. Drunk on this dream-like fantasy, she gives in to passion. But when his mask comes off the next morning, she sees that he is the person she butts heads with the most—her biggest enemy, Nicholo. The head of both a large bank and a prestigious family, Nicholo is full of arrogance and has been cold to Dani since they first met. Now she's become completely entangled with him without even realizing it!

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editor's comment - April 18th, 2014

Do you ever hear about the mask carnival in Venice? Though the story is nothing to do with the mask carnival, part of the story happens in Venice and hero and heroine meet each other in a masquerade ball. What a coincidence!
The heroine divorced because of terrible ex-husband and is blaming by her grandfather after that. She does not want to get married ever again however the appearance of the hero makes all the things massed up.
Will hero help heroine to solve all the problems and will heroine finally accept marriage again?

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it was a bit of fantasy and reality 4  4

I did like this book because it's a bit of reality and fantasy coiled together. We have the heroine who has the burden of providing her tyrant of a grandfather with an heir, otherwise he'll throw not just her but her father and his wife out of house and his will. Apparently, the man doesn't care for his son who has been a hard worker for him for the past few decades of his life. The hero is the heroine's friend's older brother and seems to hold a bitter opinion of the heroine based on her divorce from two years ago. The heroine holds that same bitterness to the hero. However, in Venice, when they put on the Carnival masks, the magic creates a new persona. The hero is enchanted with the heroine's image and goes to seduce her and the heroine is aroused by hero's charm and well we know what happens next. After the happy-time session in the greenhouse, the hero's mask falls off the hero and the magic dissolves as the heroine gazes on upon the true face of her new mystery liaison. Shocked by this revelation, the heroine runs off and a week passes by with the hero searching desperately for his masked lady. Once, he finds out that it's the heroine, he shares the same feelings as the heroine did at the green house. Then they start to learn more and more about each other. For instance, the hero sees that the heroine doesn't have a positive figure for a grandfather and sees the strength within her. While, the heroine sees how the hero praises the heroine for her work, although, the grandfather writes it off as nothing. I would like to say a word of advice to the grandfather, the child who you put your foot down will be the child where you will need to help you up. The hero tells the heroine that he plans to continue the relationship of the greenhouse night but the heroine denies that it will ever happen. However, after three weeks, the couples's relationship becomes deeper because the heroine has a bun in the oven. Now, the hero is surprised at this news, is overjoyed on having a kid and wants the heroine to marry him. Yet, the heroine doesn't want to marry based on the events that happened in her last marriage. Now, this is what I liked about the hero is that he keeps driving to find out what happened to the heroine in her first marriage because he knows that it's affecting her decision on marrying him. This is where a bit of the fantasy intertwines with reality because the two of them are seeing each other in a new light; they see strength, beauty, honor, and kindness in the other person. All of it starts breaking down the heroine's walls except for the big wall from what transpired in her marriage and when the hero finds out, he becomes the shining knight in armor. He goes to the ex-husband of the heroine and learns that on her honeymoon night with the ex-husband, the heroine was sexually assaulted by him. That would scare any new wife from their husband and it still gives the poor woman the shivers. Yet, the hero tells her that he confronted the man and verbally destroyed the man and made promises that if anything happened to the heroine by the ex-husband then the hero would keep his promises. I also liked that the hero gave the tyrannical grandfather a wake-up call that threw him into a tantrum. The confession of love was incredibly sweet and I loved the ending with the three children. I did like this book.

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Masquerade love 3  3

I was uncertain about rating: 3 or 4 stars? I choose the first option... I cannot explain better, but I think that both plot and characters are too stereotyped. On the other hand, the art is quite good. It's a nice book, but... not unforgettable, in my opinion.

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❤️❤️❤️ 5  5

Beautiful and heartwarming story. The drawing is great too !

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