Charming the Prince

Passion Romance Charming the Prince

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Charming the Prince

Francesca, a veterinarian working at a vet hospital in L.A, is sent to the country of Llandaron as a proxy for her boss. Her task is to deliver the puppies of the king's beloved dog. As soon as Francesca arrives at the palace, she goes to see her patient, Glinda. A man riding a horse appears suddenly appears from the bushes! When she asks who he is, he reveals himself to be Prince Maxim, the second son of the king! The two of them fall in love at first sight, but there is one thing standing in the way of them being together!

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Available until : Aug. 31st 2020(Romance Theme Course($9.99)

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3.5 a simple little royal romance 4  4

The heroine is sent by her celebrity vet boss to be the royal family's ver for their family dog who's going to have puppies. She meets the hero who at first thought he was a worker at the palace but was quickly corrected by the butler. However, before and after the birth of the puppies, they spend some time together that results in a grown attraction. Unfortunately, their attraction is halted by the heat and pressure from the hero facing to get married and produce an heir. Shoot! They King even introduced a potential marriage candidate to the hero that he brushed off in a comical manner without being totally rude to her. They grow closer and their actions catches the King's eye who tells the hero that they are going to official announce the hero's engagement to the OW. Later on, the hero meets the OW who shares his distaste of their engagement and want to cancel it soon because marriage is a loss of freedom for her and she has a lover. The hero agrees to the dissolving their engagement then immediately takes off the find the heroine. The two have a little talk and ask the hero asks the heroine that he wants to be with her. However, the heroine can't take the rumors that the hero is engaged to the OW and tells him that she's leaving for home. The hero can't take the idea of her leaving him and tells her that he loves her. He also tells her wants to marry her and come to the big party but she replies with a no to the marriage idea and sticks her tongue out at him. The hero finds the whole thing funny and gets some help from his aunt in making sure the heroine makes it to the party. So, at the night of the party when the father is about to announce the hero's engagement to the OW, the hero steps in to announce the engagement of the OW to his close and dear friend. The hero tells the audience the OW & he are in love with other people. He walks off to have a private conversation with the heroine that ends on a sweet note with the father giving them his blessing. It's a simple romance deal with no coitus, which can be a refresher for some.

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Charming tale 4  4

Cute and amusing story, I liked it.

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