The Carides Pregnancy

Romance The Carides Pregnancy

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The Carides Pregnancy

Becca sneaks into a lavish wedding to get revenge on the groom, Alex, by exposing the truth—that he's heartlessly tossed aside her pregnant sister. However, someone stops her right as she decides to take action. When she turns to see who it is, she is confronted by a very handsome man. She is unaware that he is Christos, the head of Alex Carides’ family. The paparazzi witness the commotion, and as Becca and Christos escape, she wonders if she has mistaken him for a security guard….

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becky's comment - April 25th, 2014

Unlike other billionaire heroes, the hero is quite friendly and funny. He meets heroine on a wedding ceremony where heroine wants to revenge for her sister. However the funniest thing is that the hero did it for heroine, well, maybe for himself as well.
At that day they fell in love with each other but they separated on the next day.
How do they finally find each other? And do they finally get married? It is heart-warming to see how they confess their love to each other.
Oh, btw, I personally love the hero's great-aunt, a kind and adorable woman, and very funny.

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Well done, great read 5  5

This was actually a good romance with our main couple. I mean the two are mature about most things and apart from the possessive & obsessive OW and hero's irresponsible creep of a brother that everyone else is pleasant. The two meet when at the cousin's wedding and the heroine is there to give him a piece of her mind by playing around with her sister, getting her pregnant, running off, and sending his mother to "clean it up" the mess. The sister got an abortion and that did it for the heroine. However, she loses her nerves to humiliate in front of everyone at the Church. The hero sees her and she relates the story to the hero who acts like a complete knight in shining armor by decking the guy and running off with the heroine. They have a happy night but the heroine finds his id that shows he's related to the cousin. She runs off in a panic and doesn't see him till he knocks on her door with the information that he already knows of her pregnancy. They have a bit of an argument but it doesn't escalate into anything dramatic and the hero is able to convince the heroine to accept his marriage proposal. Now, for the rest of the book was a pleasant one to read with them learning more about each, meeting the family, discovering the heroine is carrying twins, and more. There were a lot of the things that I liked about the hero and one of them is his good morals: for example, when he heard about what his brother and his mother did, he apologized to the heroine's parents and sister for their cruel actions. I liked a lot of the things about the heroine as well. One of them is her backbone. I mean at the end, when the OW pulled out the big guns about how the hero is going to marry her and she'll take care of the heroine's babies, the heroine doesn't back down. She tells the woman (The hero isn't at home) that unless the hero tells her herself then she won't believe diddly squat and shows she's no push over. I loved that scene so much. So, right after the heroine makes her stand, the hero bursts in. He's practically livid at the OW for spiking his drink and using his brother as bait to lure the hero away. He makes his intentions that he doesn't love the OW and the only woman he could ever love is the heroine. The confession scene from the hero was brilliant. When the hero and heroine are alone, he tells her that they were engaged but only because her father made the announcement to a lot of other people by the OW's lie but the hero went along with it. That is until she started getting possessive and obsessive about where he was, who he was with, etc. The hero broke up the engagement and later on found the OW and his brother doing it. He realized then that he didn't love the OW at all and left it at that. I loved the confession from the heroine and the rest of the ending with them enjoying the beach with their kids and hearing that the brother's wife is leaving the brother because she's done with his cheating ways.

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I liked it a lot. 4 and 1/2 stars 5  5

This one was really a great read. I have no major complaints about the main characters or story and the art was above average. There was no drama that was needless or forceed between the main characters. However, the sister of the female lead having an abortion before the story started wasn't essential information for the storyline, in fact, her story would have held more weight for me as a reader if she had decided to keep the baby or put it up for adoption. The lead female being at the wedding in the beginning to disrupt the scuzzy brother's wedding would have made a lot more sense if she didn't make the decision to abort... but I liked the main characters a lot. The lead male had no alternative reason to marry her, there were no plot or low self-esteem issues between the leads which was nice. Overall a good story and one I'd be willing to re-read in the future.

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