A Mediterranean Marriage

Romance A Mediterranean Marriage

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A Mediterranean Marriage

Lilly flies to Istanbul to appeal to Rauf Kasabian in person, an investor in her family’s travel company. He is suing the company for allegedly failing to pay its dividends, but she is unaware of any fraud. Rauf, who has gorgeous hazel eyes, coldly abandons her right after taking her virginity because he sees her as a wicked, calculating woman. Unbeknownst to Lilly, he plans to manipulate her for his own desires, thinking she is a fraud and a crook…!

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has to run to her at the end. 3  3

The hero hears the heroine has requested a meeting with him, the very woman who broke his heart and turned him down. The heroine's family horrible predicament is all due to her horrible brother-in-law and an international Ponzi scam group. He being a man of pride decides to take the opportunity by granting her an extension on his terms. Yet, things don't go his way when the heroine helps an old woman who turns out to be his great grandmother. Add in his grandmother and mother and the hero is basically helpless against these three who deem the heroine to be a virtuous woman. The hero thinks the heroine isn't a virtuous or even virgin is because he saw her go into a hotel with the brother-in-law. The man has left a despicable path with leaving angry tenants to the heroine's family and the sad part is the heroine told her father of the man harassing her but he didn't believe her and told her to keep her mouth shut. The hero reveals his immense distaste for the heroine and doesn't believe the heroine's words at all. The situation gets worse when the military gets involved with the complaints from the others but the hero states his company will cover the costs. Then they have encounter to leading where the hero is in disbelief at the discover of the heroine being a virgin till that moment. They have bit of a fight but the hero reveals of his horrible marriage to a woman who had an affair with another man. They start a relationship that goes well then the hero says they should get married and they do it office style. However, the heroine gets a call from the bad brother-in-law but doesn't tell the hero about it who finds out almost immediately. Their relationship goes back to square one and the heroine finds out the ponzi scheme and the brother-in-law are connected. She decides if the hero is going to keep treating her and not believe in her then she won't be at their public wedding. The hero doesn't believe it, thinking she won't give up a life of luxury. She even gets help the hero's mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who feel responsible for pressuring him to marry the OW. On the day of the wedding, the hero learns of the heroine's disappearance and realizes he doesn't want her to leave. During his search, he comes across a drunk brother-in-law and learns just what a pig the man is and was to the heroine. It was an alright ending.

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WHAT THE..! 4  4

I love the story and everything was fine until the ending!!!! What the hell! is with that ending?!!!!!!

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Love and beauty 4  4

Nice book: the hero is strong and handsome, the heroine is beautiful and good-tempered. After many obstacles and misunderstandings... they'll be able to open their hearts and live their true feelings openly. Plot: quite classic. Art: very good.

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