The Marriage Debt 1

Historical The Marriage Debt 1

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The Marriage Debt 1

Because of her little brother's gambling addiction, young Catherine now finds herself shouldering a five-thousand-pound debt. A nurse advises her that if she were to marry a death-row inmate the debt would be absolved, and that it would be better than becoming the mistress of an old nobleman. With no other options left, she goes to the prison. She actually follows through and ends up marrying an unshaven, scary-looking man named Jack. Jack's infamous in town because he's a known boss in the criminal underworld. During their wedding night, Jack's freed from his shackles and allowed some freedom to tidy himself up. He suddenly transforms into an impeccably mannered and handsome young man! Not exactly what Catherine was expecting...

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Great story! Great art! 5  5

Faced with debtor's prison due to her brother's gambling, Katherine agrees to the outlandish plan of marrying a death row inmate who will then take that debt with him to the grave, and they find a candidate willing to accept for the distraction it will provide from his impending execution. From that one pivotal decision Katherine finds her courage challenged in increments, each successive one building the strength of her character until she finds herself challenging a highwayman for the life of her husband. But if she actually manages to save his life, what will become of her debt? I found this story novel in that despite great temptation AND actually being marriage, the heroine -and in particular, the hero - continue to show moral restraint for the sake of the other and future propriety. It's a novel concept... a Harlequin male who can control himself. And of course, once saved, we discover this death row inmate is able to become his savior's savior, but not without the courage to face his own past in the process, and he is revealed to be something more than we thought him to be. I loved the art and it was fun watching the hero go through diminishing stages of roguishness. I think my personal favorite the the suited pre-homecoming, although I rather missed that beard. All in all, I bought it on sale, but would have likely upgraded if I had just rented it because it is a good story. The only unfortunate bit is that it is only half of the story and a similar investment will be needed for book 2.

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The heroine is the saviour 5  5

I love the story it was so good. We basically have progressive minds in both characters. The hero being a convict is a gentleman to the heroine since she married to get rid of her stupid brother's debt. They do sleep in the same bed but he doesn't have sex with her because he cares about not getting her with child that would cause her trouble. I love the heroine because the moment she finds out that the hero isn't the terrible convict but a man set up by the ruthless man, she doesn't sit back and weep for his hanging; she goes out and finds the real criminal and confronts. She brave and courageous. The characters are really great, even the brother of the heroine who is such a jerk to the heroine because she sacrifices herself to save his skin and he calls her a prostitute because of her sacrifice for him. It makes her really want to bop him over the head. I do wish that instead of the whole story being spilt into two stories, that it be turned into one. It's a story that you should read.

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