The Man Who Risked It All

Romance The Man Who Risked It All

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The Man Who Risked It All

Lexi is shocked by the accident she sees on TV. It shows a speed-racing boat tumble through the air. It is the boat of Franco, her soon-to-be ex-husband, whom she'd been living separately from. When she arrives at the hospital the sight of him, covered in tubes and wires while connected to numerous medical equipment sends chills down her spine. It is almost too painful to gaze upon the figure of her husband, who she'd just sent the divorce papers to... She is overwhelmed and confused; she feels both love and hate for this man. She had made this trip solely to talk to him, verify he was okay and offer condolences for their lost friend. However, she's suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of situations, all of which make her love for him grow stronger and stronger. She thinks to herself, Why now? I thought we loved each other truly, but then I saw that picture of you in bed with another woman! Our relationship was supposed to be over then, wasn't it...?

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Wow 5  5

I loved the way the story got its many twists, I thought I could predict the ending but it turned out so much better than expected. I would like to be the heoine who was greatly loved by the hero.

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Ambushed 2  2

This story had me on edge. I mean the poor heroine was really ambushed from all sides. The story starts out when the heroine finds out on the news that her famous soon to be ex-husband got into an accident and the heroine goes to see if he is okay and give her condolence for the hero's friend who died in the accident. We learn that the heroine was an actress before becoming an employee at the the company that her former manager manages. The hero and heroine met and things started to kick off till the heroine found out that her stepdad embezzled the money that she made from films and when she told the hero that she was pregnant: he turned cold. The hero goes into a rampage, almost hitting the girl till the manager steps in and the hero states that the heroine will marry him. If it were me, I would have said no, but the heroine was naive and agreed. The wedding was horrible because a woman who was infatuated with the hero humiliated the heroine and the staff at the hero's house were so cold to the heroine. Not only that the woman sent the heroine a video of the hero joking and shouting that he won the bet of bedding the heroine first. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and the heroine confronts him, which I give brownie points for. The hero admits it and I like that the heroine left the house but not that the part where she has an abortion. It's just sad to me. Going back to the present, of where the hero and heroine meet again after a three year separation. The hero wants to get back to together with the heroine but then heroine doesn't want to till the hero starts the hero throws a fit, pulls out all the tubes, and stuff. The heroine gives in and they start living together. If it were me, I would have left the minute that he got out of the hospital. There is not much said till the end and it turns out that the woman and the hero's friend were not only brother and sister but also the ones who stated everything. To me, it seemed kinda of sad that the hero didn't confront the heroine of whether or not she sleep with his friend. There was a lot of things that he didn't do right and I just couldn't feel the love.

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Revived love 4  4

Cute story, I like this couple because they struggle against many misunderstandings and others' willings. The hero is strong and resolute, but at the end his fellings for her overwhelm all the rest! So... why don't you read it, too? ;)

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