His Virgin Mistress

Romance His Virgin Mistress

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His Virgin Mistress

“I want you to pretend to be my lover.” At the request of her lovable friend, the old millionaire Kastro, Joanna arrives in Greece to play the part of a wicked woman who deceives the elderly. Sure enough, the Kastro residence is in an uproar over the young lover the sixty-seven-year-old head of the family has brought with him. But a fated meeting awaits her there. It is with old Kastro’s son, Demetrios. Each time she is shot through with his glances of intermingling hostility and jealousy, her body and heart are shaken. But in their positions as a father’s lover and his son, they cannot possibly be drawn together…

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get creative! 3  3

You know how the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," has had cases proving it wrong. Well, I wish this phrase could get proven wrong for once, "Old men can't get creative with disguising their illnesses from their children except using good women as fake mistresses for cover". Like the father in this one, it gets real old when sick men do the mistress disguise. I don't care if the man asked the heroine for permission and she agreed because he's just subjected her to ridicule and scorn from his family members when she's been such a good friend. There are so many other lies the man can come up with, "I've decided to become fat and lazy and stay in bed all the time." or "In my retirement, I have decided to become a professional video game player.". Something other than the dumb mistress act because when the children hear of the father's "mistress", they come running to kick the gold digger out. Yet, here's a funny thing is that the kids know the father has a disease, just not how badly it is. The hero has it bad with mind fighting body since he's attracted to his father's "mistress" when he's supposed to be finding her weak points. One of them is her short marriage to a man who she was only married to for six months and is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings that looks like it has been going on for four years because she met the man when she was 22 and is currently 26. After some struggles and stuff, the heroine finally reveals her reason for her divorce. Her husband was gay and was using her as a cover. He wanted to look the perfect man and with a wife and child but he wouldn't even touch the heroine. He locked her up, so she could be raped by another man to have this child but she escaped and was found by the hero's father who protected her and helped her with the divorce proceedings. The news shatters any willpower the hero has and they go to bed. Yet, after they are done, the butler comes charging in with the news that the hero's father is in danger. The hero finally learns about how bad his father's disease really is and the heroine was lying for the father's sake. The hero and father have an honest conversation but before the hero can bring the heroine to the father, she's chased away by the older sister. The hero calls her in England and convinces her to come back and she welcomed by the family. She is able to see the man one more time before she dies and she heads back to England with the hero following after her when the funeral is settled and done. He confesses his love and she returns the same love with the bonus news of a child coming along. It's a happy ending but I was just tired with the mistress cover and all.

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I love It !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5  5

I Love manga !!!!!!!!

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Greek scent 5  5

I've really loved this comic! The two main characters and the plot are very interesting and captivating! Ingredients: Greece, old father, handsome son, adorable young woman... And something from her past to be overcome and forgotten. Enjoy it! :)

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good to read 5  5

The book is good to read

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