The Marriage Adventure

Seasonal Romance The Marriage Adventure

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The Marriage Adventure

How did my superactive parents, who run a business that does adventure tours, end up with a daughter like me who hardly leaves the house? These were the thoughts of Maria, who felt inferior to her adventurous parents. Her parents doted on Maria’s child friend Eddie, who grew up to become a famous adventurer. One day out of the blue, Maria’s parents announce that they are passing on their company to Eddie! According to them, they can’t entrust it to their daughter, who let them down and became a storybook writer. Maria doesn’t know what to think. What does this mean?! I’m adventurous, too! Then came these words from Eddie, who was supposed to be her rival: “Let me teach you everything there is to know.” Just where is he planning to take me?

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That wasn't the issue!!!! 2  2

Oh my goodness, to all readers who have read my readers of my distaste towards harlequin comics that have the parent issue unresolved or no progress made to their strained relationship with hero/heroine. This was the cream of the crop to parents who don't consider their child's feelings. First, the heroine is told on her birthday that her parents are retiring from their adventure sport like river rafting and such and selling it to the heroine's childhood friend, the hero. The heroine spent fourteen years of her life, pretending to like the adventurous activities with her parents even though she was terrified of them because doing that mean spending time with them. They were friends with another adventurous couple whose son shared their interest and sparked a rivalry between him and the heroine. Now, when the heroine is older, she couldn't take another sport and told her parents her feelings. This is the part that ticked me off wasn't there disappointment but the fact that in the heroine's memory, they never said, "We're disappointed but that doesn't matter because we love you no matter what, " Imagine how the heroine felt to have the her parents not say that and feel a huge wall erect between them. So, she feels left out by this business arrangement but it's just business. The second thing is the heroine is told by her parents that her father had a medical that keeps him from doing blood raising activities as a reason for retirement. This is news for her and she's a little hurt but sometimes parents keep medical situations from their children as a way to protect them. Then I got real ticked when I read that they told the hero about the medical condition. Okay! That was such a big mistake, I can understand parents not telling their children about a medical condition and they can tell it to their own age group of friends or their own parents but telling it to guy in the same age group as the heroine is cruel. I can only imagine how hurt I would be if my own parents had done that to me. These people don't realize they've ousted the heroine and she doesn't tell them upfront of how hurt she is!!! Instead, she starts demanding that she can run the adventure company when they know she can't. They can't think that this is just a desperate cry from her that she wants them to notice her, take her opinion, and not make her an outcast. From then, she stubbornly goes along with all these things that scare her in order to prove a point that's ridiculous. I didn't like how they were saying that she was a chicken and stuff when she following them on their sports she was absolutely terrified of but still did it. It takes gut and grit that they undermined her for. Plus, we never get that parent confrontation between the heroine and parents to have it out. Throughout this whole reading with the hero preparing the heroine with all the actives, I still go back to begging the illustrator or the writer to put down the parent confrontation because it's ruining the romance in the book! Even in the end, when the hero and heroine finally come together, much to the happiness of the heroine's parents, I was still ticked at the whole thing.

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