Secrets of the Oasis

Romance Secrets of the Oasis

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Secrets of the Oasis

Jamilah, who works in the desert kingdom of Merkazad, finds out that Sheikh Salman is coming back to the royal palace to rule in place of the king after having spent time in Europe managing a successful business. He was her first love. But six years ago, while she was on exchange in Paris, he seduced her, stole her innocence and cruelly dumped her. Even though her heart still aches after he broke it to pieces, she is obligated to serve him. Immediately after his return, Salman goes wild, throwing parties at the palace every night. But Jamilah can see in the depths of his dark eyes, the eyes like that of a fallen angel, that his heart is wounded. What kind of secrets lie in his past?

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nightmares slip in 3  3

The heroine is reuniting with the man who broke her heart and dreams when she was a young teenager and who's finally coming back to his home country when he left in his teens. So, he probably hasn't set foot in his country for around a decade or so. However, this poor man has nightmares from his past that haunt him severely like being captured by the enemy as a child and gone through horrible physical and psychological pains. For example, apart from beating him when he was under the age of ten, their captors would take the hero-child out of his cell and force him to shoot animals or they would shoot his family. Awwww, someone get me a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa for this poor guy. Like many humans, this horrific event in his life has become a huge factor in him severing contact or forming any relationship with someone of significant importance like the heroine who he hurt horribly in Paris, France. Now, he's come back to act as a proxy for his brother and his first few days at the palace houses the king of frat parties that the heroine kicks everyone out and sets the hero on the straight and long path. During their time together, the hero and heroine start to reconnect and break down the walls they have both put up in order not to get hurt. It's a lot of work for them to take courage to open up about their pasts but that's what makes it good. Later, the hero reveals his greatest secret: he got a vasectomy before he and the heroine reunited in Paris because he didn't want to have any children after that scarring event but it surprises the heroine because she was pregnant when the hero broke up with her but she had a miscarriage not long after. The whole revealing the big secret leads to another fight that separates the hero and heroine. It takes a 911 into the desert for the hero to realize that the heroine is someone he can't live without. He's even more surprised when he learns from the doctor of the heroine's pregnancy and leaves to get some answers. The heroine wakes up to find him gone and thinks he's left for good. The hero opens up to the heroine about his fears and feelings but more importantly of how he loves the heroine. They have a reconciliation moment then the heroine reveals her big secret of being pregnant with the hero's baby at the time they broken up. They hold each other and we skip to their wedding day. It was a decent read and all.

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