The Playboy Assignment

Romance The Playboy Assignment

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The Playboy Assignment

Susannah has been put in charge of PR for an art museum. Things get hectic when a wealthy man who was supposed to donate his collection meets an unexpected death. Of all people, his heir turns out to be Marc, Susannah’s past lover. Although they had once been deeply in love, their difference in status had pulled them apart. Susannah is worried: “I can’t believe I have to negotiate with him now.” Marc almost seems to sense Susannah’s desperate feelings, for he makes an astonishing announcement at a party. “I’ll donate one painting for every time she goes to bed with me.”

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it was a false lie 4  4

OHHHHHH, lies can be atrocious little blighters. The harlequin shows a good example. Now, the hero and heroine were dating in their younger years but the heroine's parents were against their relationship because the hero wasn't the right stock. So, when they're insulting the hero, the heroine makes up a lie in order to get them to back off. She states she's pregnant with his baby and they back off. However, the hero misunderstands and thinks the heroine has been using him to be the father of another man's baby. So, that relationship ends very badly. Eight years pass and a lot of things happen badly for the heroine from her father's failed business to his suicide to having to place her mother in a nursing home when she couldn't differentiate between fantasy and reality. She has a great job with friends now. Then she runs into the hero at a funeral of a big Client that her boss wants her to attend. Her client is an ambitious and greedy man who wanted a certain collection for a museum that the dead man had will go through any means to get it since the man didn't bequeath the collection to them in his will. Then they find out that old man had an heir and it turns out to be the hero. It also turns out to be the heroine's worst nightmare because now her client is heckling her to get him to donate the collection. He even tries to pull the sheet over the hero's head with how some of the collection is worthless. That way he can buy it at a cheap price and the heroine doesn't want to make a compliant since the client is one of their important ones. The heroine has to deal a lot with the hero's assumptions, especially about the baby but she doesn't tell him anything since 1) none of his business anymore & 2) he wouldn't believe her anyway. The hero reveals that he does know the true value and the heroine apologizes on the Client's behalf. We get to see the hero's past of his mother being left behind by his father for a high society and she had to raise the hero all herself. Then the hero dangles the idea of donating the items to the gallery if the heroine does some conditions for him. Later, they go to a gallery party where the hero messes around with the client and it was funny to watch him try to match his opinion or see from his "artistic perspective" as the hero's. Then the hero reveals that he'll donate a painting to the gallery for every time the heroine sleeps with him. The heroine runs off in a huff at the hero's huge insult with the hero running after and aghast that such a woman of fine breeding is living in the lower end of town. Next, he donates a piece of art but there was no bed activity, which puts the heroine in the lurch. She also learns the hero is the CEO of a huge company and becomes his dog sitter (not that she minds the dog). Then she gets a call from her mother's nursing home where the hero finds her. Unfortunately, the hero eavesdrops to hear the woman talking about the baby and reaffirms his first thoughts. The heroine tries to explain but it's back to square one. The heroine finally has had it and calls him out for never listening to her side of the story. She kicks him out then leaves. She has a hard time getting back into work with watering the coffee and not the plants. The hero comes by and did a background check on the heroine's life and sees what's happened to her and her family. He convinces her to admit the truth that there never was a baby and she only did it order to get her parents to back off. The hero pulls the heroine in for a hug and asks for her forgiveness. He opens up about his insecurity since the heroine was from an affluent family and he was a nobody. So, why would she choose him at all. He asks for a second chance and she gives it him. We skip where the hero and heroine are engaged and the hero gives a scold to the Client about the heroine's contribution for his wish. And the hero and heroine enjoy the summer air with the dog. It was a fairly nice ending.

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