The Cozakis Bride

Romance The Cozakis Bride

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The Cozakis Bride

Ten years ago, Olympia fell in love in Greece. The man she loved was the fiancé her grandfather had chosen for her—Nik, a sexy and gentle young man who was also something of a playboy. The two of them felt a mutual attraction, but then Nik was misled to believe that Olympia had cheated on him, and he rejected her. It was a disaster. Olympia left Greece behind her, injured by the lies. But now, her grandfather demands that she become affianced to him again.... How?

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Wonderful 3  3

there is a lot of miscommunication in particular story which is seen in most of the stories they think that they have cheated on each otherLynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child. Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.Lynne Derby Graham passed away peacefully February 28th, 2019 at her residence in West Orange, New Jersey. She will be missed by her loving family and countless friends who comforted her during her final days.Lynne was born in Evanston, IL on July 24,1936. Following the death of her father in 1945 (a Navy Lieutenant killed in the Pacific Theatre near the end of World War II), her mother moved Lynne and her sister Ann to Dayton, Ohio. Lynne met her husband, Russell Graham, at Skytop Lodge in the Poconos where she spent summers with her sister and grandfather. After moving to Montclair, New Jersey with their four boys, Lynne and Russ began spending summers at the Edgemere Club

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they didn't listen 3  3

The heroine is forced to make a choice when she goes to her grandfather to provide financial means for her sick mother. However, her grandfather wants nothing to do with her after the fiasco she "caused" ten years when he went to see her for the first time when she was 18 because he hated the idea of his daughter eloping with a foreign man who died before they could get married and had a child out of wedlock. The only way for the heroine to redeem herself and get the aid is to marry the man who broke their engagement ten years ago. It's whole lot of pain for the heroine in this one. So, ten years ago, the grand father came to see the heroine for the first time in both of their lives and allow her into his home. He had the fortune, position in the company, and a rich suitor (the hero) all waiting for the heroine. However, the engagement between the hero and heroine was broken because one of the hero's family members saw the heroine with the hero's very drunk friend in the car together. This "shame" broke the engagement between the hero and heroine and the relationship between the heroine and grandfather who marked her as a woman of shame, along with every high society Greek noble. The heroine tries to explain but nobody will believes nor will even listen to her side of the story. Now, the hero and the heroine meet again where he agrees to the marriage on his terms: she bear a successor. There's a lot of insults that the hero throws at the heroine. I didn't like but the only thankful thing was that he was actually conducting researching on the heroine in order to find out what she had been doing the last ten years of her life. The wedding is a dunce with the in-laws staring daggers at the heroine and complimenting the OW who notified of the heroine's ugly behavior ten years ago. It's plain to see that her intentions were not for the hero's sake and she says a lot of awful things to the heroine like how her engagement was solely a business arrangement between the hero and grandfather who would receive a large dowry as payment for marrying the heroine. Luckily, the heroine has one ally in the family, being the hero's younger brother who doesn't know what happened but decides to investigate on behalf of the heroine and hero. They move onto their honeymoon cruise where the hero and the heroine before they have intercourse, the hero talks about how many men the heroine must have done it, during intercourse where he found out that he took her maiden flower, and after when he commented that this newfound information changes nothing from her betraying him ten years ago. The hero leaves and it's three weeks on the cruise where the heroine suspects she expecting. Now, during this time, the brother sees the OW with a crew member from the cruise, judging by his uniform and becomes suspicious. The hero and brother discover an article featuring all the hero's girlfriends of the past that was set to be printed in a week's time. They start looking for the culprit, which takes a week's time. It's during this time that the heroine sits sulking over the hero's absence and returns to their room to find pictures of the hero and other women scattered over the bed with yesterday's time date stamped on them. Horrified and tired of the whole thing, the heroine goes off before the hero can catch her and almost falls off a cliff before the hero can save her. Now, it's roles reversed with the hero having to explain the pictures are a year old but the heroine won't believe him, quoting that since he didn't believe her, she won't believe him. She also reveals she's pregnant and they don't have to be together anymore. A lot of things are said and the two of them part on sour terms. The heroine only goes back to the hero to listen by the encouragement of the brother. It's there that everyone: grandfather, OW, hero's parents, brother, hero and heroine are together to clear up the lies and allegations. The hero reveals that the one who set up the article and had the pictures sent to the heroine was the OW. He also demands the truth behind the scandal ten years ago. The OW reveals how she wanted to be the hero's bride and the hero's friend didn't want the merger between the hero and the grandfather to happen because it would have put his family business out on the street. Here is the funny thing: Stupid woman! You had an entire decade to seduce the hero into marrying you and you blew it!! "She's kicked out of the family but she says just some awful things about the heroine that I wish I had been there with a cheap blueberry jelly pie to throw at her clothes. I'd like to see her get that stain out of her fancy -smanchie attire. I was real ticked with the grandfather acting like he was the one who stood by the heroine with, "I'll take care you like the proper treasure you are," I wanted to tell him off if she's going anywhere it's with me or the brother because we were the only ones in the room who ever treated her with kindness. Although, his words and actions do push the hero to confess his true feelings to the heroine. We get an ending with cute twins and a grandfather who regrets not being there for his sick daughter (the heroine's mother). It was a nice ending.

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