A Paper Marriage

Pure Romance A Paper Marriage

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A Paper Marriage

Lydie visits Jonah’s office, when her father’s business is about to go under, to ask him to pay back the money her father lent him. She is about to meet her first love in this awkward manner. Suppressing the hesitation, she explains the situation. He then hands her a check. However, she learns that the money she thought he had owed her father was already returned. Now that she’s the one who owes him money, she signs a contract with him to agree to do anything he demands. Lydie has no means to resist his demands, even if that means marriage.

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definitely fits the title 3  3

The heroine goes to the hero under the assumption that he hasn't paid back money he owed her father. The hero easily writes her a checks and sends her away with a smile. She comes back home to an angry father and brother and learns that her mother lied to her in order to get more money to keep the house. The men get mad at her for what she did but she gets mad at them for not telling her what has been happening. To her, it was painful to have all these things happening to her out of the blue when they could have kept her updated. They looked pretty sheepish and then the heroine tries to contact the hero in order to meet him and give a proper apology. However, she's unable to contact him. Then she sees him by luck when she goes out with a friend to the opera. They set a time but she can't see that her first crush is crushed that she's with another man. When they meet, she apologizes and he accepts it but also states that he was fine with giving her the money because it gave him a chance to help the man who's been good to him. They come up with a contract for the heroine to pay the hero but the hero puts it under the condition that he comes up with the jobs. The first job: give him an invite her brother's wedding. He comes and acts like the heroine's boyfriend without saying it. Then he has her come to his place and he invites her and her aunt over to his for the weekend. Unfortunately, they go to the aunt's house to find her lying on the floor and she doesn't make it. After the funeral, the hero meets with the heroine, expressing his desire to marry.....her. His parents have been nagging him and he's worn down. The hero says the marriage is to protect her house. The heroine is against it with the biggest reason being her feelings and he tells her to think of it as a job. Somehow, she seems to agree to it all. The wedding plans are a whirlwind with planning the wedding with a mother and mother-in-law. She seems to go along with it then the hero asks her to take a friend off the guest list and they actually seem to have their first couple's fight. After explaining it, the hero demands a lover's kiss. On the day of the wedding, the heroine get a letter from law firm that she's inherited the aunt's house and with it, she can pay off the house but looks back on what hero has done and decides to go through with the wedding. When they are at their home, she confesses her love and the letter she was given. The hero shows her a papers that show she claims half the ownership to the house. He reveals that he did it all of it was because he wanted to marry the heroine in the first place. It's a nice ending.

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