The Master's Mistress

Romance The Master's Mistress

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The Master's Mistress

Elizabeth is a university lecturer who was hired to catalog a private library at an esteemed mansion in Cornwall. But she's at a loss when the elderly master of the home passes away, even after contacting his relatives. Then one night, a mysterious man breaks into the mansion. Clothed all in black with a body to die for, he's just like the hero in one of her favorite romance novels! Elizabeth is charmed in an instant, but she regains her senses and attacks the intruder. But it only takes another moment for him to subdue her!

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A uniquely enjoyable story 4  4

Okay, to say our protagonists don't have trauma in their life would be wrong. They do; both are estranged from their surviving father for hurtful actions that contributed to the deaths of their mothers when they were young. They come together due to the untimely death of one of those fathers. But what these protagonists DON'T have is the trauma of being: orphaned at a young age, abandoned and banished with their poor, commoner mom by their noble dad, losing their virginity in a one-sided one night stand, accused of gold digging for loving someone of higher status, betrayed by a lover, dumped by a fiancee, left at the altar, surviving the death of spouse and child in an accident they may have or have not caused, or even simply divorced. They are both relatively free the pains and past love affairs normally intrinsic to a romance protagonist, and its rather refreshing! What we have is a story of two people from different backgrounds coming together to snark, bite, tease and quibble their way into finding they have enough compassion and common ground that she can support him when he needs it, and then him her - and not once do they take that support to bed! There is a whole page of intimate cuddling, but they actually keep their clothes on! That was equally refreshing! This is also a romance with a poignant message to not leave hard feelings to fester too long, because at some point it will be too late to try and heal them. I also really like the example given of the choices you have when wronged. If the response to that choice had gone another way, our protagonists would likely have never met, but a completely different romance could have played out from that point. I did get a few good eye rolls off our hero, especially in his initial introduction, as he repeatedly tells our heroine to stop making assumptions about him, and turns around repeatedly voicing assumptions about her in nearly the same breath. I REALLY wanted her to point that out to him, but she never got around to it. It was not the best art I've seen, and the quality seemed to decline a bit later in the story, but it still did an admirable job of carrying the tale and I enjoyed how the artist often put the hero in positions that were just a little unusual. They seemed to accentuate a limber fitness and helped maintain a bit of a mysteriousness about him. All in all, I'm glad I was able to get a keeper copy on sale, because I think I'll be back to read this nice, clean, wholesome romance again.

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It was enjoyable 4  4

The first introduction between the hero and heroine was funny with the heroine thinking that the hero was a burglar and the her thought the heroine was an old man later on. It's funny to watch how these two interact with each other. The two have a lot of parental issues what with the hero being estranged from his father because he blames the dead man for playing a hand in his mother's death and the heroine is similar with her father but he's still the living. What else made it interesting was figuring out who the culprit was in stealing the valuable and very expensive books and then were suddenly returned. After being with the hero, the heroine makes a decision to see her father. It's a very nice ending and I enjoyed it.

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This one was cute 4  4

I enjoyed this one. Both the male main and female main had pretty cute personalities. It was a fairly unique romance too. I'd happily read it again. The vampire stuff was a bit embarrassing to read, but the story was heartwarming. It was good.

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I love manga !!!!!!!!!!!! 5  5

I LOVE MANGA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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