A Reckless Seduction

Romance A Reckless Seduction

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A Reckless Seduction

Challis is a DJ. She contacts a young man after listening to his amazing demo tape, but on the day she plans to meet him, an elegant, confident man in an expensive suit—the boy's uncle, Richard—comes to meet her instead. Their family are the wealthy owners of a diamond mine, and believing Challis is after their fortune, Richard warns her to stay away from his nephew. Though his arrogant attitude infuriates her, for some reason Challis can't keep her eyes off him. He is attractive, but still, why is Challis so drawn to this haughty older man?

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editor's comment - June 13th, 2014

What the interesting part is heroine's career. It might not easy to find a DJ heroine in Harlequin stories. As the image of DJ to people, heroine is a career woman and free and confident of herself. And it might be the reason why hero fell in love with her.
I like the way that they are having a relationship and willing to make self fit to the other, but they still keep their personality and be who they are. It is a story for summer.

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it goes again, again, again 3  3

The romance was alright but I felt the hero was more bite than bark when it came to the heroine. So, the heroine is waiting to meet a teenager who wants to give her a demo of his tape to be a radio host. Instead, she meets the boy's uncle (hero) who thinks the heroine is the one whole called him out there. The hero is very rude and the heroine corrects him but he tells her to stay away from his nephew. From then on, he's hot and cold with the heroine that it gets old real fast. Like in the beginning pages, after being rude, he offers her a ride home but can't hold a pleasant conversation. Granted the heroine gets caught in the middle of things but the man can't seem to give her a break. The nephew asks to meet with her and he gets a part on the show. The heroine learns that the resistance stems from his mother who has been unstable since his father who was a no good man who also worked in the radio business and the hero is only supporting his sister's side. The hero does the same thing rant, not thinking that his own nephew would go to the heroine. Then comes another situation: the nephew invites the office to his place for a party and the heroine runs into the mother. The two have a great conversation and seem to agree with each other. The heroine tells the nephew about the mother taking her meds and he panics running into the house. The mother overdosed and when the hero comes back, he angrily shouts at the heroine for what happened and states to never show her face or he'll destroy her radio show. He only learns later that the mother accidentally mismatched her pills and didn't mean to overdose. She even tells the hero who goes to apologize to the heroine. He caches the heroine when she's sick and makes her meals. He also seems to back off but the heroine doesn't think they can be together because they comes from two very different worlds with two different ways of thinking. Yet, the hero doesn't want it that way and tries to make plans with her. The hero follows along with the heroine's plan and not only does he impress her but they begin a relationship. Yet, the hero gets jealous over the heroine being with the nephew even though the nephew is working there. The man admits it himself and the heroine. Then the heroine learns that the hero hasn't told his family that they are dating. One night, the heroine is working late with the nephew at his downstairs studio basement but the hero thinks she's playing them both.The man makes some pretty wild accusations and the heroine calls him on not telling his family that they are dating and more. So, the hero dumps the heroine and sends her the key to her apartment back. Three days later, the heroine finds the hero waiting at her door and it doesn't go well at first. The hero explains the reason he never introduced as the matter of his foolish pride, thinking that while he was committed to the relationship but the heroine seemed to be playing around. He confesses his love to the heroine and the heroine returns his love. They decide to get married and all. It was alright but I was getting a little tired with the hero's accusations against the heroine.

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