The Italian's Rightful Bride

Pure Romance The Italian's Rightful Bride

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The Italian's Rightful Bride

Joanna, an archaeologist, visits the palace of the Duke of Mantejano to research the fifteen-million-year-old crumbling castle. The current property owner used to be her fiancé, Gustavo Montejano, and her first love. She broke off the engagement with him as he loved someone else, and wished him happiness and hid her love for him. Gustavo, who she believed led a happy life, is facing loneliness because of troublesome relationships with his ex-wife and daughter. Joanna is unable to refuse his cry for help…!

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Crappy storyline 1  1

Weak male protagonist.

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I actually liked an ex 4  4

I was really intrigued by this story because of how it developed and progressed through the lives of two people. The heroine and hero meet for an engagement between their two rich families but the heroine who has fallen in love with the hero discovers his love for another woman. So, for his sake, she calls the engagement off. They don't see each other for a number of years till the heroine is hired as an archeologist to excavate ruins on his land. What I liked is the fact that they both have children but the hero is having a hard time with his. Apparently, the woman whom he loved cheated on him, had a child with another man, ran off, and leaves her poor twelve year daughter behind. His daughter doesn't like him because she thinks that he's keeping her from her mother. Plus, the hero also has to pay the ex-wife off because of the money that she put into their house. Therefore, he is in an uncomfortable position. I liked is how it takes the heroine and her son to help mend the bond between the hero and his daughter. I also like how the heroine shows the hero who is boss and the hero pursues the heroine, going so far as to see her at her friend's wedding. It is there that we encounter the heroine's ex-husband and he's not a jerk. In fact, he's a really decent guy who loves his kid and is considered a friend to the heroine. The hero and heroine return to his home with the ex-husband tagging along to see his son and they run into the ex-wife. Now, I really don't like the ex-wife because instead of seeing how her little twelve year old girl is doing, she is going to the hero, asking for the money right now. Why? Apparently, the man she had an affair ran off; that is karma if I ever did read it. Now, she needs the money in order to support herself and son (let's forget the daughter whom you spent twelve years of your life with *sarcasm*). The hero reintroduces the heroine. This is where it goes bad. The ex-wife has the gaul to encourage the hero to marry the heroine because she has money from her rich money that she can use to pay the ex-wife. The hero is horrified by her suggestions and denounces it and would have said why had the heroine not interrupted with news of a find in the ruins. The find turns out to be gold, which has the ex-wife exclaiming happily about getting money and leaving right in front of her daughter. The ex-wife tries to make it look like she cares but the daughter realizes the truth and the decent ex-husband takes the ex-wife by the arm and drags her off the site. I loved that about him. I also like how the ex-husband gets the heroine to admit that she's still in love with the hero and what the hero finds that pushes him to run after the heroine. It was a good book to read.

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I L❤️❤️❤️V IT!!! 4  4

Best way to describe this is "If you really love someone set them free and if they comeback they're yours forever!"

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