The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

Romance The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

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The Millionaire's Indecent Proposal

"I'll pay you one million euros to be my lover. But there will be no promises or confessions of love." Franco's words stunned Stacy out of her dreamlike state. While visiting the small, beautiful country of Monaco, Stacy meets the extraordinarily handsome Franco. He shows an interest in Stacy for some unknown reason and invites her out to dinner. Why me? she wonders. While in a state of confusion, she can't control the throbbing of her heart that his dangerous charm causes and accepts his invitation. But beneath this magnificent seduction, a sweet trap is lying in wait!

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The hero and heroine are bridesmaid and groomsmen at their friends' wedding and the heroine is offset by the hero who's pursuing her in order to win a bet. The bet is between the hero and his father because his father is getting married for the 5th time and the hero believes that the latest wife is a gold digger. One thing leads to another who gets remarried and the hero comes up with a bet that if he can prove that a respectable girl is a gold digger then the father can give him the money. So, after seeing and talking with the heroine who admits that what she wants is financial stability then he makes her the lover proposition. The heroine is disgusted by his offer and turns him down. The heroine tries to see the hero as little as possible but the entourage of groom and bride make it impossible. So, the heroine is stuck with the hero and after listening to the bride's story, she agrees to the hero's offer. When they get to the hero's place, he notices that the heroine avoids the red carpet but doesn't pursue his inquiry. It's a hot then cold night for them but the hero takes the bride and her entourage out for a ball but steers the heroine away for a dance. However, it's a repeat of the first night until the hero hears the finance plan that the heroine has for the million euros he'll pay for and the fact that she'll keep working after their time together. So, he invites her to meet his father and during their ride reveals that his reason for divorcing his first wife was because she had an abortion, lying that she was going on vacation when she was going to divorce him to be with her lover and have the abortion done at the same time. The hero isn't the only one with a sad past because the heroine's father was a wife beater and when his violence turned to the heroine, her mother snuck themselves away and lived like fugitives until the heroine came back one day from college to find her mother in a pool of blood with her father lying across from her. The conclusion was he killed the mother then himself and that image of anything red on the floor has haunted the heroine. The father comments on how the heroine is the perfect woman for his son who acts cold but will come every weekend to play with the housekeeper's grandson since his mother left him. Then the heroine and hero are in a state of fear when the hero realizes the condom broke and have to wait and see if the her time of the month comes. Now, before they even confirm the heroine is pregnant, the hero "proposes" to pay the heroine the intended amount and more for having the baby but he won't marry her at all. The hero thinks that because the heroine wants financial stability that she'll be fine with this arrangement but she gives him the big N-O. They separate and both are miserable from feelings left from the fight. The hero is given good advice from the father who reveals that the fiancee left him when he told her he was handing the assets over to the hero. He says that love is a gamble and if you don't bet at all then you don't win. On the day of the wedding, the hero catches the heroine alone and reveals everything about the bet and how it changed as he spent time with her. He confesses his love and ask the heroine to marry him, which she agrees to and the audience cheers them on.

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