The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

Romance The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

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The Sicilian's Virgin Bride

Even if it was a political marriage, Chessie was on cloud nine when she wed the man she idolized, Rocco. That is, until the day of their wedding when she caught the groom having an affair with his lover. Utterly dejected, Chessie walks away from it all and flees that very night. Six months later, Rocco appears before her once more—with a cold-blooded sneer on his face. He’s a Sicilian man. He insists on exclusive possession and he’d never forgive a woman who’s been unfaithful. Certain that Chessie eloped with another man when she ran off, he sets out to dominate both her heart and body and Chessie loses herself in his sweet nightly advances, to the point of not even caring about what it is she wants.…

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becky's comment - May 29th, 2015

It was the most enthusiastic title among all the titles I have read so far.
It was showing well a bit of Italian sensuality, yet the story was pretty cultural with many interesting details.
Rocco was such a jerk. There were some scenes that I just wanted to shout at him for the sake of Chessie !

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Interesting. 3  3

Sarah Morgan is a British writer of more than eighty romance novels and mainstream women's fiction from 2000. Morgan was a nurse before she started writing after the birth of her first son.] She lives with her husband and two sons near London. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a writer. Her professional background as a nurse is also reflected in her doctoral romances. Her specialty is contemporary romances, told in a humorous and sensual way. Many of her romances, such as the From Manhattan with love series, are based in New York City Morgan's favorite city. Her books were translated in several languages and sold more than 18 million copies worldwide. She is a Sunday Times and USA Today bestselling author Notable awardsRITA Award (2012, 2013, 2017, 2019), RT Reviewers Choice Award (2012) it's a wonderful story I hope you enjoy it

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3.5 complex, yet simple 3  3

For me, it was quite interesting on the hero and heroine for what they were to one another and learned there was more. Well, the hero is an idiot who learns how to not be an idiot. In the beginning, the hero and heroine are being arranged to marry and the heroine hits top marks in the hero's ideal bride: submissive, demure, not sexy, and #1 A VIRGIN. The heroine is only along the marriage for two things: 1) she has a huge crush on the hero & 2) to get away from her abusive father who's hated her since day 1 for being born a girl. Sadly, her dreams come crashing down when she finds the hero in a deep kiss with an ex right after their wedding ceremony. She begs for an escapes and gets her wish with the help of her mother. She lives the hard but free life for 6 months till she gets news that her father finally died to go back but ends up in her angry husband's clutches. The hero is very ticked with the heroine leaving him for another man (it's a lie) that he created a lie as to why she was gone. He's all domineering to the heroine for cheating on him but he's not letting her go. However, the heroine has had with being restrained and bites back on what he did. So, the hero hits fantasy of the heroine being so in love with him that she left him because she was jealous. It was the bird that flew over the cuckoo's nest for in that scene. A feeling shared by the heroine too. The heroine faints from escalation and alcohol. The next morning, the hero turns back to a Dr. Jekyll where he learns the heroine's relationship with her father wasn't a happy one and he apologizes for what he did at the wedding and won't do it again. He asks for forgiveness and she forgives but apparently, the man thinks forgiving means "Okay, we can get to baby-making". It happens and the hero is back to his arrogant self and "forgives" the heroine for lying to him. Then he's back to his old self with keeping the heroine captive but she attempts to try to spend time with him to get to know him. However, the hero is an idiot going off about how she must be pregnant and they should schedule and all this. It hurts the heroine because she's only seen as a baby making machine (he calls her body child-bearing, no woman wants to hear that as a compliment because it isn't). She describes herself as cow, which ticks the hero off but it's no different then what he's been calling her. She wants more connection and romance, the hero attempts by sending her flowers but he reveals his secretary that sent the flowers with him taking all the credit. The straw that breaks the camel's back is when the heroine sees the latest gossip with the hero wrapping his arm around some blonde. She takes a stand to get a makeover and more but for the wrong reason of pleasing the hero. I was like, "Do it for yourself!!!". Then when she goes to show it off to the hero, he shouts at her and demeans her for trying to be sexy when she's not. That really shoots the heroine's confidence down. There's a lot of arguing and the hero doesn't really get why she's like it or his feelings. He starts slowly getting smarter when he sees his wife's eye and hand for art. He compliments her and then learns her father never appreciated her talent but also burned them. So, he takes her to his workplace and gives her work in the promotion. He even supports the dream of her going to school, while working. The heroine starts working and they start spending more time together with doing the small things like walking and talking. Then there's the phantom of pregnancy. The heroine says she's not pregnant and the hero lets it go remembering they're taking things slow. That is until he finds the heroine packing and realizes she is pregnant. The heroine bursts into tears that she is pregnant but it's a girl and he wants a boy. She reveals her fear that he'll be like her father and treat their daughter the same as she was. He reveals he does want a boy and shouldn't have focused so much on having a boy but he wants a girl too. He sees the root with all her trauma and reveals the reason he wants a boy so much is to give him the life that he never had. The hero opens up about his father killing his mother because she was loose and neglected the family. The scandal cause his relatives to outcast him to strangers where he made the decision to achieve that dream house, ideal wife, and more. Now, he gives a speech that they're the same but completely different. He states on starting over on a new chapter and have all three be together. The story ends happily with the hero being a doting daddy to his daughter and it ends happily with a newborn baby boy in the picture. The story was more of a learning curve for main couple of what is a relationship, the difference between ideal and real, and more. The hero was an idiot and a jerk but he learned and developed into a better person with the heroine growing more confidence. This harlequin showed the reader good character development.

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