The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain

Romance The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain

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The Mediterranean Billionaire's Blackmail Bargain

Alicia chases after one of the wealthiest men in the world to a high-end resort near Lake Como, Italy. Her sister, who was abandoned by him after getting pregnant with his baby, is now in a coma after a car accident. Dante is a very handsome and sexy man, but he is a lowlife. Alicia intends to make him pay. With stealthy determination, she sneaks into his house with the paparazzi. When she is about to snag a scoop of his breakup with his girlfriend, Dante gives Alicia a passionate kiss in front of flashing cameras, declaring that she is his new girlfriend…!

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editor's comment - June 13th, 2014

Though it is a Harlequin love story, in my opinion, it is more about family. The hero and heroine meet each other because of their brother and sister. Although it is actually a misunderstanding at the end, it makes hero and heroine stay together and knows each other, and they find that they shared the same childhood as lived in an orphanage. Hero and heroine longed to be loved as well, and because of that, they try to protect their brother and sister from being hurt.
Since hero and heroine share so many similar backgrounds, maybe that is how they attract each other and will be happily ever after.

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an okay story 3  3

The heroine is on a mission to get the playboy who left her poor pregnant sister in a state at the hospital. Yet, she mistakes the hero for the man (man turns out to be hero's brother) and causes a big scandal for him. I mean, she used the paparazzi and that's bad. Once, the truth is revealed and the man is there for the sister, the heroine has to pay the piper. The hero has her pretend to be his girlfriend in order to keep his image clean and all that. The heroine is a refugee nurse suffering from what seems to be PTSD. They go a party and the heroine is honest about her work, but instead of degrading her, they praise her and want to know more. During their time together, the heroine shakes the hero's core, making him feel things that he never felt before. The hero is scared by all this and tries to keep the heroine at a distance. Unfortunately, the heroine faces an OW from her past that will do anything to up the heroine, even reveal her past illicit relationship with a doctor to the hero. She even says that's the true reason why the heroine went to volunteer her services in Africa. In fact, the doctor came for only two weeks, he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, and he slept with half of the nurses and that included the OW. She was so angry that she sent the story to the paparazzi, using the heroine's name to cover her identity. The past gets out and people start retreating form the heroine and the hero doesn't believe the heroine's story. So, she goes to leave till she runs into the OW who's being shipped off by the hero who interrogated her and learned the truth. The hero finally opens up about his sad past of being abandoned by his mother and living on the streets till he was taken in by a kind old man. He offers the heroine to stay with him and for the next three months, she lives with him in Italy but nowhere closer to the hero's heart than she was three months. Later, the hero runs into an ex-flame who he shoves away harshly. The heroine scolds him for his behavior but he reveals that the ex-flame had her mother conspired to have the woman's mother pretend to be the mother who abandoned him and get him to marry her daughter. The two of them fight but are interrupted by the newest arrival in the family. The hero's brother tells him how he met the heroine's sister at a volunteer event and he took a chance on love. By that time, the heroine has had enough of this roller coaster of a relationship with the hero that she breaks it off with him. The two separate but the hero realizes of how much an impact the heroine has made in his life that he can't live without her. So, he finds her and tells her his true feelings. The heroine accepts his love and we have a happy ending.

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