Wife and Mother Forever

Pure Romance Wife and Mother Forever

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Wife and Mother Forever

“I…was abandoned by both of my mothers.” The first time was by his birth mother. The second time was by the mother who had adopted him. To help forget his past, Justin changed his name and focused on succeeding as a businessman. Unfortunately, due to his stubbornness, he has a tendency of marginalizing the people around him. Even his wife abandoned him and their child to run off with another man. He feels like he will never be loved by anyone, but someone notices the pain in his heart. This person turns out to be his son’s elementary schoolteacher, Evie. She had gone to Justin’s house with animosity and an intention of chewing him out, but soon she discovers she is beginning to fall for him.…

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editor's comment - May 23rd, 2014

I would like to introduce you the series of The Rinucci Brothers. There are 6 titles in the series, and they are all available now on B&C. This is the first one of the series.
What makes the story special is that the personalities of hero and heroine are opposite in other Harlequin stories. When heroines in other stories are weak, the heroine in the story is strong and positive. On the other hand, the hero in the story was crying when met with heroine in the bar. Heroine is a school teacher and loves travel. In the story, she leads hero to solve the problem between his son and him. Also, because of heroine, he finally gets together with his nature mother.
I think the story is more about family (including hero's mother and son) than love, however the love story between hero and heroine is also touched.

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The walls he put up came down 4  4

The hero hasn't had a easy life and it started with something he didn't know till he was seven years old and his mother said so blatantly that she was finally happy to have a child of her own. He revolts into a problem child because he finds out the hard way that he's adopted and he's afraid. His rebelliousness makes the parents send him back when he was adopted by them when he was just a baby, imagine the pain he felt then and learning that he was abandoned at the orphanage doorstep. The pain of being abandoned by two women who were supposed to be the maternal figures in his life had him close off to everyone, even his wife and child. So closed off that the wife took a lover, abandoned her son, and then died. It takes a nosy and strong heroine to stand up to the hero and make him see things that are right before. She helps the hero and son connect and finds herself falling in love with the hero who is the same but can't admit to it due to the string of women abandoning in his life. Then comes a surprise when someone who knows his wife relates the news that she's been looking for him. The birth mother didn't give the hero up, she was a teenager at the time who was told by relatives that the baby died till one of them slipped the truth on her death bed. This is where the heroine becomes the hero's rock because it's such an emotional and hard time for him to face his birth mother. The hero sees the happy family the birth mother is surrounded by and can't compare nor relate because of how unhappy his life has been. He also breaks up his relationship with the heroine. The heroine is distraught over the breakup but gets a call from the son that an elderly lady has taken his father hostage. The heroine races over to find that it's the birthmother, she hides behind the door with the son and listen in on the conversation. The birth mother does something that the hero's adoptive parents never did; she doesn't give up on him. She makes it a fact that she's going to be right there for him and teach all about love. She asks him if he will accept her as a foolish mother and he does in tears. The heroine is touched by the hero's first step towards healing and leaves to go on an all around trip. Six months later, she comes back to the same school and hears the hero right behind her. She makes a break for it with the hero chasing and catching her. The hero explains that in the last six months, he's been spending time with his new family who have been helping heal and progress forward. In this progression, he wants to move on and pursue happiness(the heroine). He asks the heroine to marry and make new and happy memories. The heroine happily accepts his proposal and they head back to his place, where everyone is waiting for them.

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Hes so damanged...its almost unbearable.. 4  4

To grow up experiencing constant abandonment by all the women in his life its no wonder he's become sullen and broken. It was nice that he was able to finally experience and have a true family. Hope is ridiculous. Not much romance here actually.

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