The Wedding Arrangement

Pure Romance The Wedding Arrangement

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The Wedding Arrangement

Ever since she lost her first love and husband, Minnie had closed her heart to everybody and only interacted with the other people who lived in her apartment building. Then one day, the new landlord, Rook, comes to inspect the rooms. Could he possibly have the intention of tearing down this wonderful apartment? Minnie is wary of this newcomer at first, but Rook really settles into the place well. Just as Minnie begins to start opening her heart again, there is a gas explosion in his room! She won’t be able to go on if she loses another loved one.…

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a apartment romance 4  4

It was a decent read between the hero and the heroine that was all about falling in love with a little humor. The hero comes to work at an apartment with fixing the problem but the circumstances lead him to being in jail with the heroine's brother-in-law and being bailed out by the heroine who he has had hard time dealing with. He finds out that renters are mostly family and close friends that really light up the room. In fact, the heroine is the daughter-in-law to the matriarch of the huge family. He's well welcomed by the renters, much to the heroine's chagrin. However, the hero and heroine start bonding over the getting the apartment complex fixed. The heroine and hero see the other are holding things back like the hero not feeling apart of the family, despite their attempts to make feel like he belongs and is loved. The heroine has her own secret in regards to her dearly departed husband that seem to hint that their marriage wasn't all that peaches and cream. She goes off on how she will never love again, despite the blessings and wishes from her in laws that she finds love again. It takes a gas oven explosion to shake the heroine because she thinks the hero is dead like the husband. Then a family emergency from the hero but his adoptive mother pulls through. The whole thing finally breaks the wall surrounding the heroine's heart and she reveals something that she didn't tell her in-laws. So, her marriage to their son in the beginning was fine but the heroine was a lawyer who worked a lot of hours like the husband. The two fought a lot, saying a lot of things that should have been said. The husband couldn't stand it and went astray many times. Then the heroine stated she was done with the husband and runs off. The husband ran after her but ended up in the traffic accident that killed him and it leaves the heroine feeling guilt for pushing him to that limit. Afterwards, the hero and heroine spend time apart, not knowing what to do. Then the hero is encouraged by his family to go after the heroine and the heroine's in laws get her alone with the hero to help her move forward. They also reveal that they knew about the fights and affairs. That information is revealed to the heroine by the hero. The two finally have a talk and confess their feelings to each other and make plans for the future together.

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