A Game of Chance

Romance A Game of Chance

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A Game of Chance

Intelligence operative Chance Mackenzie has been looking for an elusive international terrorist, and finally comes across some information about the terrorist's beloved daughter. Her name is Sunny. She is clearly in league with the terrorists. Chance fakes a “chance encounter,” gets Sunny on a private plane and crashes it in a canyon. It was all part of his plan to get her alone and trick her into revealing her father's location. But her bright, sparkling eyes and golden hair are so pure and angelic... Chance is confused by these new, intense feelings brought about by a passionate kiss.

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becky's comment - June 19th, 2015

I enjoyed it as if I was watching a Hollywood movie !
The action scenes were exciting.
I got attracted to the story because especially the first part was mysterious.
It was nice to see how the hero started to get attracted to the heroine.

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trust and love 3  3

The heroine has known life of constantly looking over her shoulder since she was born. She was adopted by a nice couple but had to learn early on of her past in order to protect herself from her low-life #1world terrorist father. Unfortunately, the hero has found out about the heroine's true parentage and suspects she's involved with her dad's business since the company she works at had their goods stolen and the hero uncovered that it was work of the terrorists. He decides to set a trap for the heroine and figure out what she knows then use her to lure the father out. The hero has no idea that the heroine is innocent and smarter than he thinks. At an airport, the heroine's purse is snatched but retrieved by the hero from the bag snatcher. He offers the heroine a ride on his plan, so she can make it on time. The heroine takes him upon his offer and falls straight into his trap. The hero takes the plane and has it crash land over a malfunction. Once, they are safe, the hero sets to working on cracking through to the hero. However, she manages to surprise him with her emergency kit with all the essentials plus a tent. He inquires further but she's tight lipped about her bag. The heroine can also tell the hero isn't your average civilian with the way he handled the pickpocket and the type of gun he's holding. She decides not to trust him but things don't alway go their way. As they spend time out in the desert, they learn more about each other and start to do things they didn't expect to do. The heroine starts opening up to the hero about her past and the hero starts falling in love when he knows he needs to stay on course for the mission. I liked their conversations from simple chatter to figuring the other person out. The heroine finally reveals her past of her father and his crimes not only to the public but to his family; the monster sexually abused the heroine's older sister when she was just a four years, a little girl!! That's why the mother ran off with them and killed herself when she was captured. The hero sees the heroine is innocent and can't stand the idea of using her anymore. He gives the secret signal to let his team pick them up and has them deliberately leak her location for the TF's ears to hear. It's something that if the heroine found out then she wouldn't be happy and end their relationship. The hero gets her to stay longer with how their crash will have the media covering and he can hide her. The heroine also realizes she's pregnant but hasn't told the hero yet. They go out for the bait and manage to get the bad guy out and the hero hero shoots him dead. They arrest everyone and the heroine realizes her role was bait and was used by the hero. The hero sees her collapsed and rushes her to the hospital where he learns she really is pregnant. When the heroine wakes up, there's a cold atmosphere in the air with an awkward words exchanged. The heroine doesn't want to see the hero but the hero won't leave because she's pregnant with his child and he is taking her home. The hero opens up that he's adopted into the big family who welcome them with open arms. The hero is pulled aside by his father and he opens up that he never thought he could never have love and a family because he wasn't born part of their family and had killed someone. The father talks him through it with how he killed the man because the man was hurting other children on the streets as well as the father's only regret is not finding the hero sooner to give him a loving home. He talks about that he would still pick the hero even after given a choice to give a homeless child a home and family. It's a tear jerking moment for them and it's what pushes the hero to be honest with the heroine about his past and his feelings. They confess their love and decides to take steps forward in rebuilding their relationship. We fast forward several months where we see the hero and heroine picking out a name for their newborn son. It was a very nice ending.

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