The Forbidden Marriage

Pure Romance The Forbidden Marriage

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The Forbidden Marriage

“I won’t let you escape this time. I’ve always loved you.” Michelle, a nurse, has come to California to take care of Zak, her brother-in-law and a successful businessman. Zak grew up as an orphan. Seven years younger than Michelle, he was a beautiful but fickle child. But after two years, he has grown into a man who is as virile and attractive as a Greek god. With his dazzling smile, Zak openly seduces Michelle. His attitude is just the same as before, but now poses a dangerous temptation for Michelle. “I knew the day would come when I couldn’t resist his allure anymore.”

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becky's comment - June 27th, 2014

The hero waits for heroine, who is 6 years older, for 15 years since he was 13. During these years, heroine got married but her husband died and became a nurse. In an accident that hero broke his ribs, heroine comes to take care of him, and they finally have the chance to face to their love inside themselves. Besides that, hero is also suffering from family as he was abandoned when 3. It was heroine to make him release from his origin family but after 23 years, his biological parents want to see him, and this reminds hero of his tragic past. The story is not with many up-downs but a peaceful story.

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in-laws become more 4  4

The hero and heroine are in-laws when the heroine married the hero's older brother but the hero's been in love with her and waiting for her since he was a teenager and she being an adult (he 13 and she 20). That was nineteen years ago and during this time, the heroine and brother had a brother but he died five years after their marriage. They don't see each other for another 2 years till he's injured and the heroine comes to nurse because of her medical degree, much to the disgruntlement of the other niece. The niece already shows signs of gogo eyes over the hero. Unfortunately, her actions have driven the hero and her parents to an uncomfortable level from lying to her parents to lying in wait for the hero in her negligee. We learn about their pasts from the hero being adopted in his sister's family then having his parents die to how the whole family worked with him in order to get him to open up. Then the hero asks the heroine to look after him as a way of nursing and keeping the niece away. Then the niece disappears and everyone is wondering what's going on. So, the hero comes clean about what happened and their siblings don't blame him. When the heroine speaks to her older brother privately, he tells her if the heart wants what it wants and there's really no other obstacles then don't hesitate. Now, they find the daughter is at a friend's home and searching for a job. They decide to let get her own devices. The hero and heroine are also dealing with each other's emotions. The hero finally opens up that he's been in love with the heroine for a very long time and she's shocked. The heroine rejects him and they maintain a friendly disposition. Yet, a letter makes waves on their lives. It turns out the hero's biological parents are looking for him. It really shakes him but it actually helps him when he tells the niece to change her attitude towards her parents since they love and she shouldn't abandon them like his parents did to him. She goes to another guy for advice who gives her the same thing as the brother. She thanks him with the hero only overhearing part of their conversation. So, he's brokenhearted and decides to meet with his birth parents where he learns he was never abandoned but abducted. Apparently, there was an organization at the time who stole rich people's children and sold them to childless couples who wanted a child with a good lineage. They takes a walk on the beach to talk things out, where the heroine confesses she's fallen in love with the hero. The hero pulls her in for a tight hug and confirms it all with his love. He asks her to marry him and she says yes. We get a happy ending with a wedding. I did enjoy this book.

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Love this story!! 5  5

Okay! This is a tear jerker manga!! A mustnhave and must read!! As I was reading the story along, this really give me teary eyes (TAT) I love how the story flow goes, the plot was well think and written. Can't tired of reading this all over again! This is the best manga I've ever read here in B&C!

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