The Hostage Bride

Romance The Hostage Bride

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The Hostage Bride

In the hopes of paying off her father's debt, Felicity agrees to marry the son of a wealthy family. On the day of the proposed wedding, she leaves home with a heavy heart...until she is met by the handsome limousine driver. Just as she finds herself lost in his sultry gaze, reality comes crashing down on her when the driver speeds off in the opposite direction of the church! Confused and alarmed, Felicity is suddenly transfixed by the driver's gleaming, dark eyes and the mysterious threat: "You're not getting away from me." Her kidnapping sparks the beginning of a plot for revenge!

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hostage of the heart 3  3

The heroine is on her way to the chapel to enter a marriage of convenience to save her parents( ailing mom and father so stressed that he embezzled from the fiancée's company to cover his gambling debts) when she's kidnapped by the driver. She's drugged and wakes up in a mysterious place with the hero revealing to be the CEO of a huge company that rivals her fiancée's. He's even played the heroine's father right into his hands by believing the heroine is marrying the hero. I found the man too gullible because if that was my daughter, I wouldn't believe a word till I saw my daughter's face state she's marrying the hero. The hero compares the heroine to a bimbo then kisses her. The next day, the heroine finds out her fiancée ran off with another woman. That still leaves her with the huge financial problem. So, she bursts into tears and the hero thinks she's crying over the fortune she lost. So, he become a forceful jerk and dangles "the carrot" in front of the heroine. The heroine rejects it but they still have to stay together and disappear when paparazzi swarm her family's house. Then we get the bedroom scene, which I was disappointed to know that the heroine with the guy who gave her the title of GD. Then the whole truth comes out: heroine finds out the fiancée's lover is the hero's half sister, it's why he kidnapped her and everything. The hero finds out about the embezzlement and accuses the heroine of conspiring to hide the truth. So, he kicks her out on grounds of her breaking his sister and the fiancée up. It's not till later, he receives a call from the sister who reveals it was her that broke the relationship up. So, he goes after the heroine but they don't see each other because she had to walk miles in order to get to the airport, while he drove overnight. He tells her what he learned and she blesses the happy couple. She turns to leave but the hero says he's guilty too and they should be happy together. And for some reason, the heroine throws herself into his arms. They get married and we have a happy ending; however, this wasn't really the story that I was looking forward to.

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good story 5  5

this is good story

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