The Andreou Marriage Arrangement

Romance The Andreou Marriage Arrangement

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The Andreou Marriage Arrangement

In order to pay back her late father’s debts, Alesha must marry the famous shipping magnate Loukas. Living up to his regal name, he sports an exquisite physique and jet-black eyes, and gazes hungrily at his newly purchased bride like he’s stripping off her clothes, layer by layer. His indecent stare rekindles in Alesha’s mind a past she’d much rather forget: memories of lovemaking that felt like rape, and being abused like some plaything. She will never be able to tell Loukas that the bride he’s bought won’t be able to give him the passion he wants in bed…

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editor's comment - June 20th, 2014

The heroine is forced to marry to hero because of her father's debt. However, heroine has a secret that she was abused by her ex-husband so that she can't get in marriage again. Though hero was strengthful at first, after he knows heroine's past, he tries his best to make her overcome the trauma. And also, heroine didn't show any emotions and protected herself at beginning; gradually she is attracted by hero and finally accepted him as her husband. The artwork is gorgeous as well.

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2nd marriage was better 3  3

The heroine is backed into a corner by her father's will to marry the hero in order to save the company. However, due her last marriage that consisted of abuse from her spouse, she can barely stand the touch of a man. The heroine tries to convince the hero to back out of the marriage but he won't budge. They come to a comprise of sleeping in the same room but in different beds. The hero sees that the heroine is suffering from her past and decides to investigate both by PI and by asking the heroine herself. He is able to come to the conclusion that it was an abusive marriage and waking her up from one of her many nightmares shows how deeply affected she was by her husband. I liked how the hero was patient, helpful, and worked hard to help the heroine slowly gain back sleep and confidence. They meet the hero's family who are all smiles and hugs towards the heroine. She makes her way back but a situation of seeing the heroine kissing a woman who's been harassing her as well as learning the OW knows about the heroine's disastrous first marriage leads the heroine to believe that the hero told her. Luckily, that night with the heroine's cold behavior and accusations to the hero is he able to clear up the misunderstanding. First, the woman pull him in for a kiss before he could stop her and the hero made a promise that should she ever try to hurt the heroine, he would have her entire family chased out of the city because he has the power to do it. He also tells the heroine that the OW got her information from the ex-husband after getting him drunk enough to spill everything. Lastly, he reveals that he has completely destroyed the ex-husband who has been left homeless with all his assets taken from him. After the heroine sees him on the streets, she is able to breath relief and move forward in her new life. We see an epilogue of our main couple with two new cuties in their lives. It's was a fine romance.

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I love IT !!!!! 5  5

I love Manga !!!!!

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