His Private Mistress

Romance His Private Mistress

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His Private Mistress

Amelia is visiting Monaco to attend a friend's wedding when, by chance, she bumps into Toby Haynes. Amelia had already been lost to his charms once before—falling into bed with him—but realized right away that it was a mistake and left him the next day. Now, however, Toby seems to have plans to seduce her once again, and things start to spiral out of control. If she becomes serious about a thrill-seeker like him, it will destroy her! Though she's resolved not to get too close, Toby's attractiveness tugs at her heart. But she never intended to touch what was behind his playboy mask...

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hot and cold 2  2

The heroine and hero began a relationship that started with her sneaking into his hotel room to ask him to meet her sick brother because he's a big fan of the hero and his F-1 sports car. The hero is attracted with the heroine's boldness, loyalty, and pretty legs. They begin a relationship much to the hero's father's charging who sends anonymous notes to the paparazzi defacing the heroine, insulting the heroine behind her back, and even using his younger son to lie to his own brother to break him and heroine apart. So, the two break up and a lot of things happen: the hero's brother commits suicide after an accident on the track leaves him paralyzed, the heroine's brother succumbs to his sickness, and the hero and heroine don't see each till four years later at a press conference. The hero only sees the heroine when a fool spills hot coffee on her, making her jump up. Now, here is where for the rest of the book, I got tired of the hero for his arrogance, cockiness, and downright "I'm right, so you're wrong." attitude. I mean really, it was bad. He thinks the heroine wants to drop her skivvies at the sight at despite the fact that he threw her away but she doesn't. The hero believes that she betrayed him with his brother and the brother lied that the heroine seduced but both can't believe that he would do such a thing as lying. Then the hero says rude things and such about her but passionately kisses her. I really don't get the guy at all because he has a frog toy the heroine gave to him when he won the championship but he can't tell her how much he cares for her without saying something rude. He learns later when he forces himself into the doctor's office when he finds her gone from the mansion that he used underhanded tactics to get the heroine to live in with him. After that, he learns how severe the heroine's journalism job in Africa was she tells him her surgery was from stepping on a landmine. He takes her out to dinner and an opera but thinks that entails she wants to be back in the pool with him and she's like "Nooooooo!" That makes him heated and it gets worse when the heroine mentions how cruelly his father treated her. Again, the hero doesn't believe her, saying the father, brother, heroine are all good people but only one of them has to be lying. He doesn't believe the heroine at all and believed the brother and father, so ergo o facto: she's the liar. The heroine puts up the stop sign but takes it down when she sees the hero survive walking out of a car accident on the track and flies to see him. Unfortunately, she meets the father who stops at nothing to insult, threaten, and bribe her to leave the hero. I mean it's really distasteful and the hero takes the father's word after everything conversation the father has had with the heroine. What really surprised me, the heroine allows herself to fall in the physical relationship with the hero after all the crud she has been taking from him and his father and the hero does it despite believing the woman betrayed him and insults his family. He only starts to see that his brother did try to break up them won't why. He acts all sweet and warm but after the heroine is visited by the father, he acts rude and cold as a fish. It gets worse and he tries to force himself on the heroine who slaps him silly and after that, he turns warm and apologizes. Then he acts rude and cold after his father collapses and is hooked up to machines. You think the heroine would leave him but she stays and supports not only him but his mother too. The heroine comforts the hero and the father pulls through. She stands outside the hospital room, while the hero and his family surround the dad. Then when the hero is back racing, his old life, and he hasn't been back for a month to see the heroine. So, she takes it as a sign that the hero doesn't need her anymore and packs up. Yet, when she goes back out to the taxi, she finds the driver and the hero fighting over her luggage. He shouts that he's never letting her go and he learned from his father that all the heroine had said about him true. He tries to get her back using the deed to the house but that doesn't change her mind and tells him that she's going back to Africa to do journalism but the hero won't let her because of the dangers. She retorts with how can he say that when he goes back to the dangerous of the track. He responds that he is retiring but she doesn't believe him and gets in the car to leave. The hero asks her what can he do to make her stay and she responds by loving her as she loves him. The hero races after her in his fancy car and gives the keys to the driver. He takes the heroine in his arms, confesses his love for her and kisses her. Finally, he reveals the frog in his pocket. He asks the heroine to marry him and she says yes but we never hear him say sorry for how my father behaved, humiliated, insulted, and hurt you from the hero.

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