Her Wish-List Bridegroom

Romance Her Wish-List Bridegroom

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Her Wish-List Bridegroom

After losing her career and love life, Juliet is back home living with her mother, as if she was nothing but an empty shell. She feels disappointed in herself—she should have become a more careful, reliable, able woman, considering her mediocre childhood and her history of being bullied. Now, she struggles to get back on her own two feet in a hometown where so many memories haunt her. That’s when she unexpectedly runs into Gregor, who, all of a sudden, disappeared from town years ago. Not understanding her bewilderment, he casually calls her “Princess.” Her first love doesn’t even remember her! Is this reunion meant to be her destiny?

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The heroine is getting out of a slump after getting fired by her boss when she threw champagne at one of the workers who was promoted using the proposals he stole from her. So, she's back living with her mother who kicks her out of bed to get mobile. A trip to the book store has her not only looking after the store but being looked at by the hero who was her childhood crush. Sadly, it seems that he doesn't recognize her and she decides to keep it that. However, the two are intensely attracted to each other and start a relationship that's between strangers and more sort of thing. It was very fun to read the two interacting and communicating. The hero slowly breaks down the heroine's walls she built after being betrayed. What she doesn't know is the hero is a big CEO of a redeveloping company with its eyes set on the little working district. The whole redevelopment puts the fire back in the heroine's blood and she starts an association to preserve the buildings. The heroine sees at their dinner that the hero is hiding his identity because she can recognize a brand name suit and a fancy jaguar car and he reveals that he's the father to a little girl. It's really a sad story because the hero and another woman were in a relationship that resulted in a pregnancy but she wouldn't marry him and disappeared to raise the baby. That's no fair to the poor hero who was only granted to see the little girl once a year because he wants to be the father she can be the proud of. The heroine reveals her mother was abandoned by her father when the mother told him she was pregnant as well as why she became unemployed. They have a special night but it ends with the heroine kicking the hero out of bed. It's also where the hero remembers where he met the heroine and she was someone special to him in his childhood. Then the situation goes from bad to worse when the hero's identity as the CEO of the development company is plastered on the newspaper for the hero. The ams happens to the heroine who learns the hard way that her father never abandoned her but her mother did the same thing as the hero's ex-lover and the father has been looking for them this whole time. After that, the heroine sees the newspaper and it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. She refuses to listen to the heroine or mother, screams at them, and runs away. The hero runs after the heroine and when he catches her, he doesn't let go. He opens up about how she has been the only woman he's called princess in his entire life and that he loves her. He also helps her see how her mother felt when she separated from the her beloved. We end with a wedding between the hero and heroine and a little baby too.

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