Mistress for A Night

Romance Mistress for A Night

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Mistress for A Night

Georgia was your plain, timid and chubby everyday teenager thrown into a world of wealth and extravagance when her mom remarried. Her simple crush on her new stepbrother, Jason, turned into a midnight mistake, and an accidental pregnancy drove a spike into their newfound happy family life. Seven years later, Georgia has inherited the entire estate, but she's all alone in the world except for her distant, former love. Will the truth come out about what happened to Georgia the fateful night she found out she was pregnant, and will Jason believe her? With their parents gone, Jason and Georgia can either become a family again or embrace this chance to be free of each other.

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It was okay. 3  3

CONTAINS SPOILERS: It wasn't a bad story, but I did get a bit annoyed with the protagonist, each in their own turn. As a teenager, I thought the heroine was pretty selfish, barging into the hero's room while he was sick and sleeping, trying to wake him up to talk about their relationship. Seriously! If you really love someone, and they are sick and trying to sleep, you don't go waking them up to chat! And then the hero... your pregnant girl is obviously hurt and has run away. So you missed your chance to stop her going out the door? You know where she's going! Why aren't you on her tail trying to catch her en route or shortly after she arrives? When you can't get a hold of her the next morning, why aren't you going in person? And then when her mom says, 'Its taken care of,' why do you just assume the worst? Why didn't you clarify? Even you (hero) say mom "hinted". Doesn't that, by definition, mean her meaning wasn't clear? And you've known this girl you were going to marry for years. Do you really believe she would go for an abortion? Why didn't you find out? (If there is one real life take away lesson from SO many of these stories, its NEVER take someone elses word for it. Go find out for yourself!) And when you meet her again and she says she really wanted the baby and says 'you didn't even check up on us!' That's not 'I had an abortion' language. That said, he did make up for it once he got his head screwed on straight and did what he should have done to begin with, that is go after her personally, in this case to offer a heartfelt apology and purpose again. All in all, it was an okay read with decent art. It was worth the rental, but I'm glad I got it on sale.

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first step-siblings, now more 3  3

The heroine was a teenage with low self-esteem about herself on the matter of everything. People compared her to her beautiful mother in a negative way and she already had a tense relationship with her mother from her mother's lack of interest and expressing it negatively throughout the heroine's life of how she didn't want a kid. Now, the mother has finally achieved her big dream of marrying a very rich man who has a son. The son (the hero) is the only person at the party who shows the heroine kindness and is the one person the heroine looks forward as family. They have a great relationship as step siblings for a while. However, one night when the hero is sick and the heroine nurses him because nobody can or will, he pulls into his bed to do the nightly activity. The heroine is ecstatic because of that night but the hero looks like he's at death's door and asks her to forget about that night since she was too young. Yet, the heroine becomes pregnant and the hero tells her that he's taking responsibility. The heroine goes along with it because she doesn't know what to do but when she's alone changing, she sees her stepfather peeping through the doorway. He comes onto her and she screams for help. When her mother and the hero arrive, the stepfather accuses the heroine of seducing him and the mother believes him. When the hero turns his head away and doesn't say a thing, the heroine takes it as a sign that he doesn't love her. She packs up to be with a friend and suffers a miscarriage when she's with them. They don't contact each other for seven years until the hero's father dies. The heroine's mother already died but the heroine has never spoken to her since that incident. When they meet, we see from each other's perspective that they have misconceptions from that time. The heroine thinks the hero didn't care about her and the baby and that's why he didn't contact. However, the hero thinks from the step mother's words that the heroine had an abortion and it killed his love for her. Or has it? Now, they have to work together to go over the contents of the will left behind. We learn that the hero didn't believe the father's story and confronted but before he could see the heroine, she disappeared and his step mother told him that the problem was taken care of (his interpretation: abortion). They have a huge fight that ends with the heroine going to an island to pick up her mother's things and the hero follows her to find out the truth. When they are there, a lot of things bubble to the top like their attraction to one another.The other thing is an apology letter from the mother to the heroine of she took her husband's side because she didn't want to lose the luxury life she dreamed of but it costed her daughter's relationship. The hero comforts her but asks her the next morning about why she had an abortion, she shouts at him angrily and runs off. However, she tells him later on that it was a miscarriage and he hugs her with large of amount of apologies behind him. With the biggest obstacle out of the way, the hero and heroine go at in the night and have what looks like a fun vacation. Yet, like all vacations, they come to an end. The hero thinks the heroine doesn't need him and they separate for three days. During this time, the heroine reads an apology letter from her stepfather about his accusation that he had idea would ruin the heroine's relationship with her mother (YOU IDIOT!!! WHAT MADE YOU THINK THAT????!!!). Apparently, before the mother died, she screamed at him of how she knew the husband was lying and she wanted to protect herself. The hero comes racing down the driveway because he can't stand a life without the heroine in it. He proposes marriage to the heroine before he knows about the confession and she happily accepts because he loved her regardless of what happened between her and the stepfather. It was a nice ending.

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