Falling for Jack

Romance Falling for Jack

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Falling for Jack

Jack Morgan has finally been able to reconnect with his daughter, Maddy, after a lengthy separation. But he is still not having any luck gaining her trust. Then Bryony Lester comes into their lives and enables both Jack and Maddy to slowly open up little by little. Sure enough, Bryony gets attached to them, but things start to get really complicated when she and Jack develop feelings for each other. How far will they let their feelings take them? And at what cost?

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through sheep and dogs 4  4

The heroine and hero met when the heroine's dog makes a racket that scares all the sheep away and ruins the hero's little girl's dog's chances of winning a trophy. The heroine apologizes to both but it seems only the little girl will take the heroine's apology and takes her immediately takes to her. It helps when the heroine needs a ride home. Next, she learns from a friend of the hero's hard years of his wife who couldn't take ranch life and disappeared with their newborn daughter to another country. The hero desperately ran after them and searched but couldn't find him. So, he holed himself up for years in his work till three months ago the little girl got dropped off because her grandmother who was taking care of her died. It's obvious to say that things are awkward for the two of them. The heroine is hired by the hero to decorate the daughter's room and helps in getting the little girl to reveal that her mother brainwashed her into believing the hero didn't want her. The hero pulls her in close hug and tells her the truth of how much he's missed her and always wanted her. This not only improves the hero and his daughter's relationship but the heroine and his as well. Then we have a OW strutting who's more into listening to herself talk but wanting the hero's title of MRS. Hero How? Apparently, she doesn't listen to the little girl's requests of how she wants to decorate the room, forcing her own ideas on it. Then we have an almost intimate moment with the hero and heroine but it ends with the heroine being engaged. So, she goes to see the fiancée but finds his tongue halfway down the mouth of another woman. She gives back his engagement ring and ends it all. Later, the heroine and the little girl finish up decorating the room and it looks amazing with the hero giving the thumbs up. However, the OW comes barging in and makes a racket about the state of the room. She goes on about the little girl leaving and how the room is going to cost a fortune for the hero. The poor girl is so upset that she runs out crying. The hero has the woman escorted out; yet, when the heroine reveals her feelings for him, he states he can only choose the OW to marry because she's "sensible" and "won't leave him". The hero is an idiot because his waxy ears didn't hear how that woman was talking to his daughter, how she sounded just like his ex-wife with every whine in her breath. So, the heroine leaves the hero but she comes to stay and be by his side when the little girl contracts bacterial meningitis. Luckily, the little girl pulls through. The hero asks the heroine to bring her dog in order to bring the little girl some cheer. Yet, the OW comes in and tosses the poor dog around. That was a clear sign to the hero that woman is by no means sensible because anybody who would treat an animal like is not ready to be near any kid. The heroine runs after and comforts the dog under an elderly woman's bed with the hero running after her. It's actually under the bed that the hero confesses his love for the heroine. That was really funny for me. He states he almost made another mistake and he wants to be with the heroine. The heroine accepts his proposal and the story ends with the three of them together.

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