Exposing the Executive's Secrets

Romance Exposing the Executive's Secrets

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Exposing the Executive's Secrets

Eight years ago, Andrea Montgomery was left by her love, Clayton Dean. But due to his father’s absence at his company, Clay is forced to come back. Now Andrea has a chance to finally confront him as to why he would do such a thing to her. She wants nothing more than to finally put the past to rest, but can she really be satisfied with just that? As for Clay, will he be able to confess to Andrea the reason behind his sudden disappearance? And will she be able to handle it?

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Who could blame him 3  3

Ohhhhhh, I know the hero really hurt the heroine with his whole disappearing act but who could blame him after what happened. The hero and heroine at the time were lovers till the hero up and took off without a word. It broke the heroine's hearts and she put her 100% of working for the hero's father's company. After eight years, the hero is called back to help out with the company since the father had a stroke. It's a tough time for everyone. The heroine decides to get him at a date auction then has him working. Evidently, coming back is hard for the hero what with being the deserter of the father and the heroine who has everyone's loyalty. However, it's not easy to live with nor tell your lover the day you went to see your father for an engagement ring was the day you found him tangled naked with your (heroine's) mother on the office desk. And the father told the son to keep it a secret, which only drove the hero away from everyone. The only people who know are the hero, father, and the heroine's mother. The hero's mother knows her husband cheated on her during a hard part of their marriage but not with her best friend. The couple have their issues with this little reunion with denying their feelings in order to keep themselves from getting hurt to personal issues like the hero dealing with forgiving his father to the heroine trying to figure out why the hero left in the first place. It's a real roller coaster for them with the dates but it is what's needed for them to move forward in everything from past to present. Then the hero is pushed when he meets the heroine's younger brother and suspects him to be the product of the union between his father and her mother to see both of them. He first goes to the heroine's mother who tells him his theory is correct but not to make the same mistakes she did. Then he goes to see his dad and takes one look of seeing the strong man being so weak to not say all the hurtful things he's kept in his heart for years. When the dad and hero are alone, he wants answers too. The father states the his wife and him were having a rough part in their marriage then the wife started disappearing three times a week but wouldn't tell him where or why. So, the father suspected her to be having an affair and in his doubt and pain, he ran into the arms of the heroine's mother. He didn't know till later the wife was taking glass blowing classes to make him a surprise gift. He apologizes in tears to the hero for making him bear the burden of the secret. Then he tells the hero that he's not going back to work and is giving the hero the company to do what ever he wants with it even selling it. Now, the hero is stuck in this huge decision of being with the heroine, staying for the company or let a company that's been in the hero's family for two generations go. He finally decides to fight for the heroine and is able to win her back. After a night of lovemaking, the heroine sees a birthmark on the hero's neck that matches the one on her brother's. She puts two and two together in a matter of seconds before the hero's horrified eyes. The hero finally confesses he found out about their affair eight years ago and it's why he left in the first place. The heroine demands some alone time and realizes the hero had a perfect reason for running away. She goes to see the hero and they have a bit of a cry fest but he asks her to marry him and she agrees on the condition they don't keep secrets from each other. It was a nice ending but it also gives the story life because we don't know what holds in store for them after the page ends.

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