The Italian Prince's Proposal

Romance The Italian Prince's Proposal

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The Italian Prince's Proposal

Emily is a caring soul who pretends to be her ill sister so she can pursue her musical dreams. When she's the one who mistakes the identity of the Crown Prince of Ferrara for a talent scout, she's whisked away into a world of royal machinations. Prince Alessandro needs a wife so he can allow his elderly father to abdicate the throne and enjoy his later years, and Emily needs her sister to get the best medical treatment possible. Will the pair come together purely for business, or will they find passion in each other's arms?

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becky's comment - June 20th, 2014

The heroine in this comic is also forced to marry to hero, for her sister. As her sister is too sick to performance on stage, she pretends to be her sister and performance on the stage. And this is how hero meets her. On the other hand, hero marries heroine for his father, His Majesty as well. His Majesty can't retire unless the prince is married. Although the two get married for others, finally they fall in love with each other and happily ever after. It is also wonderful if there's really a chocolate festival in the world.

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royally well done 4  4

The heroine goes in place of her sick place to her musical gig because record company scouts are going to be there to see if the sister is qualified. The heroine catches the eye of hero who needs a wife real quick in order to get his father to retire and enjoy his retirement from being King. There is some confusion firsthand what with the heroine thinking the hero is a scout and not a prince. He clears it misunderstanding with laughs and reveals his own kind of contract. She slaps the hero and bolts but her running only makes the hero want her more. He looks her up and comes again with additional deal of giving the sister medical help and financially support the sister's dream. It's too good of a deal for the heroine to pass up and she agrees to the contract marriage. She really impresses the hero with the leisure time she has focuses more on learning the country then dressing to the nines. I liked how the hero supported her offer of taking on some of the responsibilities of the palace. It was funny seeing her face when she realized one of the staff was the King and the hero's father. They have a seemingly romantic wedding but the wedding night ends with a cool tone from the heroine about it being a contract and all. Yet, the hero heats things up by taking her to a winery where they smash the grapes with their feet and more. It sparks passion that leads to "rolling in the hay,". Afterwards, the hero gets busy with royal duties, leaving the heroine alone with his father. The father rants about the hero's insensitivity to leaving the heroine alone but she defends the hero nicely with how busy he's been. Then she discovers she's pregnant but the joy is short lived. It's because the father reveals he can officially step down as King since part 2 of the condition to retire was the hero getting married then getting an heir. The heroine panics and leaves because she feels used. The hero comes back and is angered over the heroine's disappearance. However, the father gives him a scolding for his treatment of the heroine and marriage then reveals the heroine's pregnancy. He finds her quickly and asks to talk, which she agrees to do. They head to a little private lodge where they talk things out with the heroine opening up on her fears and her love for the hero. The hero pulls out the contract and throws it into the fire. He confesses that he fell in love with her too but was afraid of losing her because of the pregnancy clause. They hug and kiss then we get a happy ending with the hero and heroine celebrating as her sister who now has a contract with a record company plays her violin.

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