The Virgin's Seduction

Romance The Virgin's Seduction

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The Virgin's Seduction

It’s all my fault. All Eve wants is to live a quiet life as a teacher, nothing more. But she kept telling herself that all her troubles—being abandoned by her mother, abused by her stepfather—are her own fault. And when she resists an unwelcome kiss from the minister at church, he hisses the same words at her: “It’s all your fault.” Fleeing home, she encounters Jake, who gently consoles her with the words “Nothing is your fault.” Eve feels she’s been saved. But she can’t cling to Jake… He is someone else’s man. Someone else who is obsessed with youth and beauty, and who makes everyone around her miserable…

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I can see why 4  4

There are many things that perplex me when it comes to the interactions between characters in harlequin books. This one had me very confused between the communication of a mother and a daughter. The heroine is a relative to the OW and her mother. The OW is coming to visit with the hero (they have never had sex with each other) and the mother notes compared to the other men that the OW has brought, the hero is the cream of the crop. During their dinner conversation, the mother is attacking the OW making her look bad in front of the hero. The OW demands to know why and the mother answers that she knows why. So, that leaves the question why. I like the hesitation and attraction between the hero and heroine because the hero is a gentleman and wants to respect the heroine's bubble and the heroine suffers from her past and present of people treating her horribly. For example, at the preschool she works at, nobody tells her that the school is closing, and it gives her no time to get a job. She knows why she wasn't told this is because of her appearance, which I found horrible. Then there's the incident with the priest who forces a kiss on her and says, "It's because of your spanish blood," How upsetting, it's is for her. She runs to the home to cry alone; fortunately, the hero is there to lend a shoulder for her to cry on. I was so happy to see that. I like how they slowly start to connect but we see a lot of hesitation from the heroine's side of being sexually harassed and neglected by her father and foster family. Then at the age of 12, watched her only friend of the 14 die from malnourishment and cold; it was heartbreaking. The hero keeps on being a gentleman to the heroine like helping out with cleaning and caring for the mother, while the horrible OW has headed back for her "acting" career. Then we learn the truth of why the heroine is so hesitate to get involved with the hero: it's because he's the OW's man (not true). The reason is pushes her away is even harsher: The OW is her mother who sold her away at birth. Now, it all makes sense as to why the mother is so harsh to the OW, her only daughter. I would love my child but to find out that they sold their own child to a horrible family would break my heart and lose my trust in them. And it gets even better, the woman doesn't feel any regret or even pain for what happened to her own child. I actually feel pity for the OW because she is missing out on so much like having a mother and a daughter. That is only of the many beautiful and precious things and she's throwing it away for the short lived and fragile materialistic world of fame and media. I do like that the hero and heroine spend time away from each other to sort their feelings out. I also like how it's the heroine who finds the courage within herself to go out to the hero's hometown and make the move. The ending was really cute, except for the OW getting a tv interview and looking perfect. Other than that, it was an interesting book.

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OMG! In a good way. 4  4

OH MY GOD! I actually enjoyed reading this. And the ending omg sooooo adorable!!! The twist though was something shocking, like I would never thought about that being the case. And ugh! that woman I hate her. She's a self-centered bitch and I think she deserves to grow old alone.

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Left me in Tears 5  5

I gotta say, at first I wasn't sure if I'd like this enough to buy it. However as I read the 1st 50 pages I was blown away by the plot. Half way through, I was crying in so many scenes for different reasons. And I must say that the reveal of her past was shocking and just plain amazing. Feel bad for Cassie and her past but that doesn't excuse her for what she's doing now to her family. Kinda wish there's a story for her though. But back to Eve, her story was so amazing. Jake's part... I wish there was more of his story that was told before the final resolve came up. Overall I did love this book.

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